Just Another Cliche

Hadassah Lavianlivi EXTRA CREDIT

Movie: Not Another Teen Movie

Yes, this movie is exactly what the title states: just another cliche teen movie about a popular high school kid and a  dubbed social loser. This movie is meant to be a sum-up of teen movies through out the ’90s, but if those cliche teen movies already exist and people make fun of them then why exactly would a production company waste time and money just to make a mockery?

The movie follows a group of ‘cool’ teenage kids who rule their high school and want to have fun at the expense of less popular kids- DUH, and a bet is  made that the most popular guy can get the geekiest girl in school to fall for him. Wow! What a great lesson to teach impressionable teens: it is okay to lie and embarrass other teens who are less fortunate than them just because they can.

Throughout the film, the popular guy actually begins to like the so called loser girl and realizes she is actually gorgeous under her thick black glasses. Yes, all it took was removal of a pair of glasses to make her into a ‘hot chick.’ This is not reality and just a terrible example for kids; it does not teach self acceptance and uniqueness, rather only an acceptance of a certain standard of beauty. Eventually, the popular guy grows closer to the girl and his old friends become distant; to get him back they tell the girl the truth about the original bet – yay! the climax of this monstrosity- and she is mortified in front of the whole school.

Towards the end of the film, scenes bounce between the girl and boy who miss each other despite the ridicule and dishonesty. Eventually, the movie ends in a cliche airport scene where the boy apologizes and professes his love to the former geek. And they live happily ever after. Well at least that is how the movie ends. So yes, this was just another teen movie  we did not need.


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