Dance Flick

Dance Flick is the worst movie I have seen in my life, how it grossed 34 million dollars in the box office is beyond me. This movie is supposed to poke fun at the rise of dance genre movies such as Step Up and Stomp The Yard. It matched up with them in production of the film but it completely went past the “funny” stage and had myself feeling like a waste for taking time out of my day to watch.


The movie overall did well with the clichés of the movie. The typical cliché of the new girl at school, falling for the guy (Damon Wayans Jr.) is portrayed here. However that was the only positive of this movie was more offensive than any Wayans brother movie that they have made. Typical with a spoof by the Wayans they make fun of current events at the time. However, they missed the mark of it being funny. For example, Ray, starring Jamie Foxx was used in this movie. It made fun of Ray Charles for being blind and even had a scene when a woman had her baby in the middle of the dance floor. To some this maybe seen as funny but to the general audience this can be as poking fun gone horribly wrong. It gets even worse within the movie because actress/singer Brandy at the time, had gotten into a car accident which led to the death of a driver. They stooped so low into even trying to make this thing a joke. I understand with comedians you are supposed to be able to make jokes out of terrible situations. However, there is a line and they crossed that line. If you feel like wasting 2 hours of your


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