Not Another Teen Movie (2001)


Not Another Teen Movie (2001) is an American teen comedy film, directed by Joel Gallen. Not Another Teen Movie is ALSO a prime reminder that just because a movie is popular does not have to mean it is of quality. This film was a collaboration of the best teen movies from the 90s and 2000s pulverized into a train wreck of a parody. I do not even want to begin explaining the plot as you would be here until next Tuesday reading it.

The movie lacks any robust or complete aesthetic; a combination of amateur acting with a story line that goes in 90 directions at once only has the ability to appeal to viewers that have already seen the movies being parodied for ANYTHING to make a stitch of sense. While the film is hilarious in a “cringey” way, the story was written in hopes of intertwining each hit teen movie from the last two decades. Instead, producers came up with a story that is simply too sloppy with no other aspect to make up for it. The characters are all 100% unoriginal which is typical for a parody movie, but Not Another Teen Movie appeared tasteless with scenes that almost mock the art in the successful teen movies. The movie has relatively no deep meaning or meaning at all.


The only social/cultural issues that could be resonated are the life of a teenager; the teenage life is messy, confused, and way too sexually active. Actually the theme of this movie might exactly be the life of a teenager. The production value tried its best to imitate the art in the successful movies. Movies such as Cruel Intentions (1999) (a personal favorite of mine), Bring It On (2000), American Pie (1999), and others are parodied upon, but the production value left viewer assuming this film was mocking all of those iconic films.

The debut tagline for this film was “If You Liked Scary Movie, who gives a shit.” Nice.



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