“Rubber” (2012)

maxresdefault-1This film had to be the saddest comedy I have ever seen. Due to my spite that resulted from this picture wasting my time and the fact that I have not figured out a way to explain any evidence of a plot I will simply state what was  shown in some manner which
I hope will help make some kind of sense. So there is a rubber car tire, and yes it comes to life, and yes its name was Robert. Robert was enamored by a woman as she drove by and so he seeks her throughout the film. Robert, still being a rubber tire, discovers some sort telekinetic abilities. Unlike spider-man, this super-being does not care for the responsibilities of its powers and uses them to blow the heads off all the humans that fall barrier to it being with the woman it saw. Now, not to give away such a thrilling experience, but the aftermath of a ductile mass-murder was shown which really stepped things up! The film concludes with a gripping battle between officer and buoyant life-force which led to Roberts demise. Lucky for Robert, his legend spearheaded a movement, as a tricycle and other wheels follow the notorious tire marks that Robert had left behind. This movie would be perfect for someone who is going on a first date and wants to have lots of subject matter for dinner or simply needs to capitalize fast. In all seriousness it seems as if this film was meant to be a commentary on something unique and when the director realized how awful it was and that it was going absolutely nowhere he decided to further overdo each scene and call it a comedy… but I am sure he is a great guy and all.



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