Critical Review 1: Spongebob Squarepants – The Googly Artiste

Spongebob Square pants is a childrens cartoon that follows the life of Spongebob Squarepants. In this episode of Spongebob Squarepants, We find our typical cast members including Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. This episode also introduces a new character named Fredrick T. Nitpick, who is an art critic.

This Episode begins with squidward, a self proclaimed artist, carrying a statue out of his house. as he walks out, he sees spongebob and patrick next door, asking if squidward wants to make arts and crafts with them. Squidward claims to be a true artist unlike the two. as squidward walks away, patrick cries that he wishes he could make art like squidward and spongebob. spongebob then shows patrick he can make art by putting googly eyes on a rock. Meanwhile, art critic Fredrick T. Nitpick looks at squidwards statue, calling it hideous. The critic then walks over to spongebob and patrick, praising patrick’s rock as primitive and genius, and gives him $50. Patrick’s rock artwork quickly catches on, and he soon has people in front of his house to buy his artwork.

Patrick ends up going to the krustykrab, where spongebob and squidward work, to order some food, albeit claiming he is in a creative slump. After Squidward refuses to help, Patrick comes up with the idea to put the googly eyes on the krabby pattys (the staple meal from the krusty krab). Mr Krabs then decides he can exploit Patrick’s fame, and charge $50 a piece for Patrick’s desirable artwork Pattys.

This show is and always has had a very high production value. The animation is lively and fun, the artwork is colorful and unique, and there is almost constantly appropriate background music playing during each episode. There is definitely a strong attention to detail in the artwork for this show. For example, when the camera does a closeup on patrick’s googly eye Krabby Patty, one can see that the image was handrawn, and features many more details than one would expect in a children’s TV show. If there is one criticism i can place on this show, is that there may be an overuse of sound effects on the show. Almost any action or movement made by a character has some kind of silly noise to go along with it. For example, when spongebob and patrick are excited, a pogostick noise goes off. This is to be expected with a children’s show though.

Being this is a 15 minute episode with no continuity between episodes, the plot advances rather quickly. However the story is still told in a logical as well as a predictable fashion. As squidward’s art is bashed, it was rather predictable that either spongebob or patrick’s art would be ironically and humorously praised by the art critic. Conflict develops between patrick and mr Krabs, when Mr. Krabs releazes that patrick is (unintentionally) using Krabs’ product and place of business illegally. This conflict is resolved and benefits both characters as they agree to share profits in the art pattys. Tension is built between squidward and patrick. Patrick is essentially living squidwards dream of becoming a famous artist, and thus squidward becomes very jealous.

Spongebob Squarepants actually has a strong portrayal of values in each episode. For example, In this episode, the underlying themes are respect, open-mindedness, and accomplishment. In the beginning of the episode, squidward bashes spongebob and Patrick’s art and thinks his is true art. As the episode progresses, squidward’s work ends up being horrible, and patrick’s work is the true art and squidward’s work was horrible. If squidward was more open minded and respectful of his peers, maybe he would realize that his art was not so good, and could actually learn from spongebob and patrick.

In addition, this episode has a less prevalent theme of greed. While the show makes light of it, and portrays it in a humorous fashion, Mr. Krabs is essentially a metaphor for greed. He exploits any opportunity he can to make money off of the people of Bikini Bottom.


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