Critical Review #1: The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is a drama filled, reality show on ABC. The bachelorette begins with one woman and 31 men and ends with 1 woman and 1 man. Bachelorette, Rachel, is a 36 year old Law Attorney. The Bachelorette gives her an opportunity to find love. The men are carefully selected to ensure that there is a source of compatibility that can be found between them and Rachel. Throughout the season, the bachelorette, Rachel, makes cuts, deciding which men to send home. Throughout several months, she takes the men on different one on one and/or group dates to determine a ‘winner’. At the end of the season, she chooses a man and if he accepts, he is then able to get down on one knee and propose. As crazy as it sounds, the show has brought contestants true love that has later turned into a marriage and eventually a family. Most of the couples that left the show engaged, are still together and happy. Although some men are truly there for love, it seems that some are only there for air time and drama. Season 13 episode 6 was a recent episode that caught my eye for various different reasons.


The aesthetic qualities of this show have nearly never failedto impress me. As a musician, I tend to pay close attention to the music played during shows. The music is always perfectly lined up to give the audience the maximum feeling of what the scene is intending to portray. For example, dramatic scenes are accompanied by dramatic music and love scenes are typically played with light hearted, harp music. For drama purposes, there are often times gaps of empty space to create suspense. The production value varies. In some cases, the framing is shaky, if, for example a producer is following a man around with the camera, not using a tripod. Since this is a reality show, there are times when a fight may break out in which case, you may hear producers footprints running after the cast member and the camera shaking, almost as if you are watching an episode of Cops. The thing that lacks aesthetic quality the most is when you see microphones in the top of the frame or seeing a camera man in the reflection of a glass door. In reality shows, there are things that happen unplanned, so producers aren’t always prepared for unexpected movement.

The story structure of this specific episode was tense. Kenny and Lee, two competing men, can’t seem to get along. Lee went to Rachel and lied about things Kenny wasn’t doing in hopes to get Rachel on his side. This later resulted in a fight between Kenny and Lee. Conflict was created by amplified breathing, displaying intensified, internal anger from the men. The vulnerable emotion easily transforms itself into maximum tension.

The Bachelorette is filled with values. Although it is a reality show, it is also a real woman, falling in love with real men. When looking for a life long partner, there are significant things to consider such as religious, respect, loyalty, integrity, etc. This show displays all of that and more. It takes a certain sense of bravery to go onto the show in the first place, to be willing to be open and vulnerable with your heart.

Additionally, there is display of violence on the episode between the men and of course there is sexual content between the men and Rachel. Rachel, being an African American woman, is held under certain social expectations that she is expected to meet. The show, however, does a great job of bringing awareness to the unfair and unnecessary pressures of both African American people and woman in general.


Overall, I think that the program’s overall quality and impact is beautifully done for the viewing audience. Not only is it a feel good show. It has senses of realism, comedy, romance, drama, and suspense. It’s a show that brings it all to the table. When explaining the plot, most men may cringe and think ‘never will I ever watch that’. However, because of the way the show is produced and presented, it is pleasing to any person to engage in.


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