Winter Is Coming

Robert_at_WinterfellThe Game of Thrones is based off of a series of fictional novels that revolve around the light and the darkness in the fictional world where the undead has risen and technology differs than this world. The main foreshadowing phrase in this series is “Winter Is Coming.” There are essentially three main families that are involved in the show that are shown throughout the entire series, the Starks, the Lannisters and the Targarians. The series portrays this so called light and dark in numerous ways and the families are basically an example of the light and dark. The Starks main quality traits are duty, and honor, which correlates to the light. The Lannisters are a family based off of greed and lust for power. While, the Targarians in the past have destroyed their world, Danerus Targarian, has a light in her that is driven to free the world of corruption and enslavement.

This episode shows the long time battle of the light and dark in the first scene. A Night’s Watch deserter was tracked down outside Winterfell, which prompted Lord Ned Stark to execute the traitor. This tale is shown and explained later in the series. Meanwhile, on Ned’s return home, he learns his mentor, Jon Arryn has died and that King Robert was riding to Winterfell, to offer Ned the position as the King’s Hand. Refusal of such offering would be considered treason and this means that Ned will have to accept the position and leave his wife, Cathryn Stark, and their boys, Bran, Rickon, Robb, and Jon Snow. The King’s offering is not only that Ned becomes the King’s Hand but that of marriage. Sansa Stark is to marry Joffrey Lannister and their houses will be merged. The last scene of this episode shows Cerci Lannister and Jamie Lannister having intercourse, which is frowned upon not only because they are brother and sister but Cerci is the married to King Robert. Bran Stark climbed a tower and into a window where he saw the two making love. He was then shoved out of a three-story building by Jamie Lannister and paralyzed.

The aesthetic qualities of this show are tremendous; the producers of this film started paying about 6 million per episode and as far up as to 20 million per episode nearing the later episodes. The cinematography in this show is mainly focused on natural lighting and the use of candle light to light up the scenes. This episode not only uses natural light to illuminate the scene but also has quite a deal of CGI creations involved. In this episode as the King was arriving at Winterfell, music was in the background to intensify the seriousness of this event. At the meeting dialogue is used to set the following scene. An example of this is when whispers at the meeting asked where Terrian was, Cerci two lines later asked in rage to Jamie where he was. The following scene then proceeds to be when Jamie finds Terrian in the whorehouse.

Three men rolled outside the wall to investigate suspicious activity. White walkers attacked them and two of the three men were killed and the last man escaped. The Night’s watchman deserter escaped till Winterfell where he was captured and executed by Ned Stark. Ned Stark came back home and received news by King Robert that he would be hand of the king and that his daughter were to marry his son and their houses would join. They celebrate the news by having a feast where each house interacted with each other. The King’s family was more condescending and could say and do whatever they pleased. The following day Brand Stark is climbing a tower when he hears sexual noises coming from inside. He investigates and sees Jamie Lannister and Cerci Lannister having intercourse. They notice Brand Stark in the window and Jamie Lannister runs to grab him. Then he proceeds to throw him out the window and says “The things I do for love,” scene ends.

The main values that seems to be reoccurring is the trait of truth, honor and duty. As stated above, the Night’s Watcher deserter was tracked down by the Starks, and promptly executed. Ned made Brand come. Behind Brand stood Jon Snow. Jon Snow seems to always be reminding Brand in the show that “father is watching,” because before the execution Snow told Brand that father would know if he didn’t watch his father chop the mans head off. The Starks follow the old way and seem to be instilling their values into their youth of a sense of duty. After the execution, Ned explained to Brand why he had to execute the deserter. Ned stated, “A man who passes a sentencing should swing the sword,” this demonstrates a sort of code that they live by.

This episode shows Terrian, who is loathed by his family with the exception of Jamie Lannister, for being a dwarf and essential the problem of the family. Terrian was with in the whorehouse receiving oral sex, and his brother Jamie Lannister walks in and requests that he comes to dinner. Terrian simply denied and said he would be busy. Jamie accepted this and as he walked out he said, “that’s what I expected,” opening the door to multiple women running and jumping into the room. As a humorous twist Jamie kindly neglected shutting the door on his way out.

Game of Thrones revolves around a light and evil aspect where the living battles against the dead. This doesn’t become apparent till later in the series but the depth, strength and support of the authors budget, dialogue and use of CGI helps strengthen the shows overall quality. The main values of truth, honor and duty are reoccurring throughout the episode and are a theme between the Stark families individual moral and character. This show has had a huge impact and attracted a large audience proving its popular demand to keep continuing the show.


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