Critical Essay 2 – Sausage Party

Sausage Party is a rated R, 3D animated comedy film about the lives of groceries in a supermarket. In the supermarket, the different groceries worship the human shoppers as “gods” who will eventually take them away to the “great beyond”. The main characters the movie focuses on is frank, a hot dog, and brenda, frank’s girlfirend. other characters include another hot dog named barry, a lavash, a bagel, a douche (who exhibits douchy behavior), a liquor bottle, a taco, and other common grocery store items.

preparing for their journey to the great beyond, a returned honey mustard jar warns the groceries that the great beyond is a lie, and that the gods are monsters. frank and brenda accidentally break out of their packages with the lavash, bagel, and the douche. The douche swears revenge on frank for ruining his chances of the great beyond, but is swept up and thrown away.

Meanwhile, barry and the others are taken to the house of the god, where they discover that honey mustard was right, and that the gods are murdering (eating) the food. barry and the groceries manage to escape back to the supermarket and meet up with frank. Barry manages to prove to the other groceries at the supermarket the humans are evil by shooting them with bath salts.

All of the people then see the living foods, and the foods manage to kill all of the insane shoppers. The foods then proceed to engage in a sort of food intercourse and live happily ever after.

Compared to other 3dd animated films, one can tell that this movie has a somewhat lower production value than most. Many of the viduals are not to par of a disney or dreamworks film. However, that is not to say that the film looks bad. Animations are still lively and fun, voice acting is excellent, sounds effects are good, and soundtrack is surprisingly well funded and appropriate; featuring the likes of ‘Meatloaf’. The main difference here, is that you can tell the CGI is just not of the same quality of a diney/dreamworks movie, as it was done by a much smaller studio.

The story is told by following the journeys of the main characters: frank, brenda, barry, and the douche. when the carts accidentally collide, the douche blames frank and brenda, initiating conflict in the plot. There is also tension in the plot between frank and most of the other characters because frank wants to prove everyone that their beliefs are wrong. This upsets the other foods and almost everyone turns against him. The plot develops and progresses as we learn more and more about humans and what they actually do to the foods.

There is actually many hidden ideas about values and social responsibility in the plot of sausage party. one hidden meaning is the humorous stereotyping of cultures that different foods come from. for example, the lavash and the bagel do not like eachother because of where they come from, displaying the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. They later realize that their conflict is meaningless and put their differences aside. On a larger scale, the movie actually presents a parallel theme of beliefs in religion. Just as people put their faith in religion, something we cannot actually prove, the foods put their faith in the “gods” and an unproven “great beyond”. Again, the movie does this in a humorous fashion, and i do not believe that it is done as a means to bash religion. The movie also shows the negative consequences of drug abuse (again in a humorous fashion) through a man shooting up “bath salts” and being able to see the food come alive, and accidentally killing himself.


The movie at shows violence and sexual content in a non graphic and silly way. There is a scene when the foods are getting prepared for a meal, and they appears to be getting brutally murdered with knives and boiling water, however there is no actual blood or anything truly disturbing. In addition, there is a scene where the frank the hotdog has “sex” with brenda hotdog bun. While there is no actual graphic nudity, one can obviously see what the animators were portraying.


Women are portrayed in a slightly negative fashion in this movie. The female human is shown needing to use a douche (which exites him), and referred by the supermarket worker as a “milf”. Again, the movie does this all in a humorous fashion, as one may expect from a rated R film.

In summary, the movie is a purposely inappropriate rated R comedy film, with a unique concept and animated style. It definitely made me laugh, and if you like movies with seth rogen, jonah hill, and/or michael cera, you will most likely enjoy this movie.


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