Django Unchained


Django Unchained is raw, gory depiction of the slave trade that no one has done before.  Tarantino is known as a director who pushes the envelope in terms of censorship. He always seems to go far, but not too far.  He did not stop short for Django by any means. The plot is as follows. A slave, Django is on the trail headed to a city to get auctioned off.  A “Dentist” comes across this group of slaves and asks to purchase them.  Long story short,  he saves Django from these men. This dentist is actually a bounty hunter and needs Django to identify a fellon.  Django joins the dentist and becomes his partner at a reasonable rate.  The point of Django helping Dr. Schultz is so that he can rescue his wife who was separated from him in a slave camp.  Django unchained follows this pair along their journey to save his love.

I love the production of this movie. In classic Tarantino fashion, it is filled with plenty of blood and gore, but not too much. He uses many of his classic core actors that he uses in all of his movies.  This is a characteristic that is nice for someone who appreciates it. It has great music and really adds a unique feel to the movie.  One factor that I really liked is that it used old western font and music to give it a retro feel.  The zooming shots that are used in key moments really keeps your attention to the screen.


The story structure is very interesting. In the first half of the film, Dr. Schultz and Django are on a bounty hunting rampage.  They are killing racist slave owners left and right and it is very liberating for Django.  Django is learning how to shoot and making some money as well. The culmination of the plot is for Django to rescue his wife, who was separated from him in a slave camp for attempting run away.  She is in a very hard place to get.  “Candyland”.  Django is working to make enough for the journey.  At the end of the movie, it gets very crazy and violent and makes for a true Tarantino ending.

The values that you listed in the syllabus all apply to this movie. It takes bravery, courage and ambition for Django to rescue his wife.  He doesn’t have much to live for as a slave, and to go across the country to rescue his wife takes a lot.  It takes perseverance and loyalty to his goal.

It has a lot of violent scenes in it, considering he is a bounty hunter.   Django and Shultz put on a front to Mr. Candy that they are buying a mandingo slave.  Little does he know, they are plotting to steal away Django’s wife. When he finds out about this plot, sh** goes down.  All of his forces are called and Django is caught in a firefight for the ages. 10-20 men are killed and blood is everywhere.  I will put this scene below.

Video –

The portrayal of minorities is borderline offensive, if not completely over the line. However, slavery happened, and it needed to have a movie that reflects the true horror of it all.  Tarantino uses the N-word quite a lot and got a lot of heat for it, but it is not totally over the line.  It wasn’t even close to how bad it actually was.  There is lashing, burning and other gory features of the slave trade.

Django is a great movie.  I am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino, which means I am biased.   I enjoy the outrageousness of his movies and the raw-ness of them.  Django has a great plot and gives you something to root for.  Jamie Foxx is a great actor and really bought into what Tarantino wanted him to play.


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