Dumber and Dumber: Film Review

Dumb and Dumber is a comical move that has been on my favorites list for several years now. The film features Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as Lloyd and Harry. Lloyd is a limo driver who meets a wealthy, beautiful woman named Mary while driving her to the airport. She leaves a brief case filled with money. Throughout the course of the film, Harry and Lloyd go on adventures to locate Mary and deliver the suitcase to her. Of course, there is an ulterior motive of winning over her heart. Through their adventures, Lloyd and Harry end up spending all of the money that was in the brief case. So, in the end, after all of their traveling and hardships, they ended up delivering a briefcase full of napkins and papers decorated with ‘$100’ in pen. Dumb and dumber is a film that keeps the viewers laughing until their tummy hurts. To be blatantly honest, a lot of the humor comes from the stupidity of the main characters. Sometimes, idiocy is an enjoyable thing to sit back and laugh at.dumb_aBefore studying film, any time that I have viewed this specific film, I have not noticed any in particular faults in aesthetic qualities. Going back and viewing the film while looking for specific things, I realized how much I notice such as how bright colors are, what music is playing at certain times, how dialogue is used, etc. Breaking it down, I can see both positive and negative sides of this movies aesthetics. One thing I noticed that I didn’t notice before is how much music is played throughout the movie. Although I knew there were several songs played throughout the film, I didn’t realize just how much until I sat down to actually analyze it. I realized that there were several recognizable, well known songs playing in the background of the film. The music had purpose for the scenes and actually added to ensure the audience received the best experience possible scene after scene. One thing that was not aesthetically pleasing, at least to me was the use of certain sound effects. The horns, boings, and other clown like sounds took away from the humor of the film and made it less laughable, at least in my eyes.

Friendship, love, and perseverance were the three main values featured in this film. Harry and Lloyd’s friendship was a bond that could not be broken. Whether they were roommates, fighting over the same girls heart, fighting, or sharing a bromance moment, their friendship was something that always held high priority to them both. Love in this movie was a factor that brought the humor to the screen. Given that there is a hopeless, jobless, low life falling for a wealthy, gorgeous well known woman, it was something that was laugh worthy. This one sided love showed various values within. Lastly, there was persistence. Regardless of what barriers Lloyd and Harry faced, they were relentless. They were determined to deliver and return the brief case to Mary.

There was both sexual content and violence in this film. Lloyd would often times find himself day dreaming about Mary where he would see her naked. Throughout the film, there were also several sex references made that could be taken in different ways. Although the men, Harry and Lloyd were unaware, their desire to return the brief case was actually getting in the way of a kidnapping. Once they finally got to Mary, there were guns pointed and shots fired.

Women were degraded in this film. As I stated before, Lloyd often times pictured her naked. For example, on a long road trip, he drifted off when a big truck was coming straight for him. He saw the 2 headlights as if they were her breasts, beaming at him.2h6OvRtBefore worrying about criticism and dissecting this film for it’s different aspects, I simply sat back and enjoyed a humorous movie. Now, that I am more aware of everything on the screen, I have a greater appreciation for various factors that play a part in film making. All around, I think that Dumb and Dumber is a great film. With that being said, as I look closely, I can see where there can be some room for improvement, technically speaking.


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