Movie Review: Dazed and Confused By: Connor McQuarrie


Dazed and Confused is a coming-of-age comedy film written and directed by Richard Linklater. The plot follows various groups of Texas teenagers around during the last day of school. It is May 28, 1976, the last day of school at Lee High School in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. The next year’s group of seniors are preparing for the annual hazing of the incoming freshmen. Randall “Pink” Floyd, the school’s star football player, is asked to sign a pledge promising not to partake in any drug or alcohol related activities during the summer or do anything to jeopardize the goal of a championship season next year. When class ends, the incoming freshman boys are hunted down by seniors and paddled. The freshman girls are also hazed. Freshman Mitch Kramer escapes the initial hazing with his best  friend Carl Burnett, but is later cornered after a baseball game and violently paddled. Pink gives the injured Mitch a ride home and offers to take Mitch out that night with his senior friends. The plans for the night are ruined when some parents find out about a keg party being hosted. Pink and his friend David  Wooderson, a man in his early 20’s who still socializes with high school students, pick up Mitch and head for the Emporium, a pool hall where teenagers hangout. As the evening progresses, students flood the Emporium, listen to rock music, and cruise around only to stop a fast food drive-in. While cruising around, Mitch drinks alcohol and smoke marijuana for the first time. An impromptu keg party is planned in a field under the moonlight tower. As the night turns to dawn, Pink and all of his friends are smoking a joint in the middle of their school’s football field. The police arrive and recognize Pink so they call the football coach. The coach arrives and lectures Pink about hanging out with losers. The coach asks Pink for the signed pledge and Pink crumbles it up in front of his face and tells him he might play football but Aerosmith tickets are his top priority. Mitch arrives home when the sun rises and is greeted by his mother but not punished. Mitch goes to his room and listens to Aerosmith and Mitch rides to go get his tickets.

the aesthetic qualities of this film make it unique. It was filmed in a suburb in Austin, Texas so the film was not expensive to make. The dialogue and music of the film are very intriguing, it gives off the 70’s vibes of free love and anything goes. The soundtrack of the film is complimented by Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. The dialogue is very trendy, the lingo the kids speak in make you feel like you’re actually in 70’s Texas. The story is told all one day, it starts from the school day and goes all throughout the night. Conflict is brought up when the teenagers revolt against adult authorities. Values of bravery and courage are showed when standing up to these adult figures. Talking to women is portrayed as a game and an experience throughout high school. There is a lot of alcohol and drugs throughout the film. I’d consider Dazed and Confused to be a generational movie that shaped the minds of many generations of teenagers to come. assboobsdick


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