The Titanic

The Titanic is inspired by real events but the plot is fictional. There is a fictional love story between Jack and Rose. In the opening scenes men on a boat discover the Titanic with precious valuables and a sketching of a naked women with a diamond necklace. The setting takes place in the early 1900’s and the movie depicts multiple social classes. The main characters whom the love story is based upon are both ranked in a different light based upon their economic positions. Rose walks outside on the deck of the Titanic, glowing as she is peering off into the distance; Jack takes note of her beauty but is suddenly shot down with the realization that he may never have her because she is wealthy. Jack stays out on the deck of the ship looking at the stars and hears rose dash for the railing, before she can jump to her death he speaks out to her and tells her “don’t do it,” and essentially tells her if she jumps in he will too. He eventually saves her and their forbidden romance begins.


The aesthetic qualities in this movie are way ahead of its time and were very impressive. The producers of this movie spent over $200 million dollars. They focus the camera close to the actor’s faces to intensify the scene, which positively impacts the sound effects and dialogue of the movie. The dialogue in the movie is mostly the character interacting with each other verbally. Although, it appears that the actors are speaking, there is actually a voice over for each character. The sound effects in this movie are used to make the movie seem more realistic. In one of the scenes Jack is leaning over the front of the boat and there is a loud roar of the ocean and its waves smashes against the ship. They use CGI to show dolphins swimming alongside and jumping in front of the Titanic to give a wow effect to the audience.


The story is mainly told through dialogue and set design. Jack and Rose’s flirtatious attitude has created conflict within Rose’s family. As Told from the perspective of 100 year old Rose, she said her mother looked at Jack “as an insect that needed to be squashed,” As the movie progresses the tension within Roses’ family and Jack escalate. The next scene shows the dramatic pull Jack has upon Rose because he was capable to not only defend himself against Roses’ families questioning and sly gestures that Jack was not of wealth.


As talked about before, the tension between Roses family and Jack has escalated to even Rose receiving abuse. Rose was caught dancing with Jack. The next morning Rose was questioned, verbally assaulted and then threatened by her fiancé not to dishonor him. Her fiancé left the room and then her mother entered. Instead of wondering about her well being, she instead told her she needed to stop fooling around with the less wealthy Jack Dawes and marry her fiancé to ensure they were financially stable.


The main value continued throughout the movie was love. The romance between Jack and Rose infuriated everyone besides the two. Everyone in this movie is obsessed with who Rose loves. The two eventually make love and agree to be together when the ship docs. After the two realize they’re meant to be together the watchmen on the Titanic notices an iceberg straight ahead. Which results in the end of their love affair because Jack eventually dies from the crash.


The Titanic was based off a historical tragedy that revealed a love story that wasn’t meant to be. The main value of love was persistent throughout the movie because every scene revolved around who Rose were to be with. The impact of dialogue and CGI effects draw viewers to the conclusion of this movie being one of the best love stories ever created.



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