Critical Analysis 3: Tinder

The app Tinder, was invented to create a simple way to meet people in your area online. When you register for the app it connects to your Facebook and uploads photos of you with a biography. Once you’ve registered you adjust the miles in which you would like to meet someone. It uses distance as well as gender preference to show you people in the area who are looking for someone as well. The person swipes left if they are not interested and right if they are. If you both swipe right it will tell you that you matched and you can start a conversation with the person. This app is only available on cell phones or iPads and tablets, not via the computer.


The basis of this app is aesthetics. The people choose their matches based on the aesthetic qualities of the people they see on the screen. Prior to seeing a person’s bio, you see only their cover picture which is usually them. After a person decides if they find them attractive they click on their photo and read the bio and decide if they want to swipe left or right. Some people also swipe left or right strictly based off of looks and ignore the bio. The original thought process is if the person finds the person beautiful and attractive, based off of their aesthetics.

When using this app there is usually a difference in uses depending on the person. Some people use this app to engage in meaningless casual sex whereas other use it to look for a more serious relationship. A majority of the people I know who use tinder use it for booty calls rather than for a relationship. We navigate the experience by swiping and engaging in conversation with the people we match with. The app also offers a Plus addition which gives users the opportunity to pay for more features. The features are going back to someone you accidentally swiped left on, adding multiple locations, you can see who sees you, you can boost your account to make more people see you, you can turn off ads, and you get unlimited likes and super likes. Without this upgrade you can’t go back, have limited super likes and likes, and you cannot turn off ads.

The social themes that are addressed are sexual and it impacts sociality and changes the cultural way we see relationships and sexuality. The app uses pictures that the people choose to determine how they want to portray themselves. If a man posts more photos that show off his body and uses corny pickup lines in their biography you’re more likely to get a gist of what he’s looking for. Similarly, to women they upload photos they find attractive of themselves and hope their partner will find attractive as well.  It embraces people’s sexuality and uses the distance feature to show how close you are to that person. Socially this has made casual sex much more prominent and the expectation of sex via tinder much higher. Most of my guy friends tell me they go on tinder when they want to have sex and the women should expect that. They believe this app was created for sexual encounters whereas female friends of mine who use this app admit to engaging in casual sex but they hope that those encounters lead to something more. Culturally this changes how relationships form and the way sex is perceived. If a person is able to have sex with you by swiping a button rather than actual dates which may or may not lead to sex it will cause a shift in how relationships are formed. The idea of chivalry being dead is going to become a fact due to the simplicity of having sex.


This app is unique in the aspect that it shows you who is nearby and interested in you. The creators use these features to get positive feedback from users who spread the word. The creators also make money from those who choose to upgrade the app causing it to grow larger. The app also offers the option to review it, this is useful and beneficial because the more positive reviews the more likely it is to be downloaded and used. This app falls short due to its constant bugs, there are many glitches such as it being unable to locate you, as well as constant logging out of the app. Other than bugs here and there the app is useful and will most likely continue to be used until a better app comes out with the same objective.

This app helps connect people who you could have never met before without it. It is useful for busy people who don’t have time to go out and socialize, its also useful for those who are out and looking to hook up. With that being said I believe that this is a high quality app which makes its objectives very clear. Also one feature I am in favor of is the ‘unmatch’ option for the situations where someone is being disrespectful and the conversation needs to end. This app has a very large impact on sexuality and how easily available sex is for people. This app adds simplicity to a situation that a person wants to engage in.



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