Critical Review 3: FIFA 17


FIFA 17 is a video game where users can play on a select number of consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox in order to interact with other users across the world through the game of soccer. FIFA incorporates real life professional soccer players into their game as if you were controlling the teams that play on a regular basis throughout the world. The game includes head-to-head matches where you can compete against a friend on the same console in a soccer match using the remotes to control your players every movement. Each button of the remote controls a different command for the players such as shooting, passing, and skill moves with the ball. Each game consists of the aspects a real soccer game would have including referees who call the game by strict rules, team managers, and a crowd that roots in favor of the home team. Other gameplay options are available as well where you can control a single player or team through their soccer careers while being put in real life situations on and off the field.

FIFA has consistently made it a priority to enhance their graphic qualities throughout the years of their existence and have done much of that through their use of lighting. In the 2017 model, EA Sports who created FIFA used a different game engine called Frostbite in order to bring the game more to life. The lighting used in 2017 allows the picture on your screen to look less like a video game and more as if it was a live game. In the past models there was a strong use of vibrant colors, but the new goal was to tone them down in order to make the picture more photo-realistic and dynamic. The other huge improvement is the way the characters in the game look. Players and managers are structured to their real-life appearances and are visibly shown with aspects such as sweating and fatigue.


As a whole, FIFA is generally easy to operate throughout, while still including many different aspects users may find entertaining. When first entering the game you are brought to a main loading screen where then after are able to see the mainframe with all different playing options. The most common way to operate the game is through head to head matches with someone playing on the same console as you. You are then able to scroll through teams that play throughout the world in different leagues and continents. Once you have selected your teams you are able to act as if you are the manager and rotate your roster to your own preference. After being able to set up a team fixed to the user’s liking, you are then able to change aspects of the game such as weather, time and which stadium the game will take place in. Once concluded, you are brought to the match where the players are now in control through the remotes and each command the user gives will cause their player to perform a certain skill or action.

Although FIFA may simply be a sports game, it addresses values such as competiveness and teamwork. The main aspect of the game is to win the match against your opponent whether it is a real person or the computer; the idea is to maximize your competitive level. Before every match the option to change your lineup makes the user think of the best possible game plan to win and in turn requires the user to think in depth as if they were coaching an actual team. As I stated before, FIFA also has an aspect of the game where you can control one player through their on and off the field actions. The players are put in situations where they are to make a decision given a certain set of options. This aspect shows how the user operates themselves as a teammate and where they are forced to choose a decision that is either better for the player or the team as a whole.

Every year, users question what FIFA is going to change next because it may seem as if there is nothing left to change. This game allows you to take yourself into the mind of a player and control the actions throughout their careers, which differs from just watching games on your television. Many people dream of being a professional athlete and FIFA allows you to be just as if you were through your console. Unlike other games, FIFA not only allows you to control one single player, but also a manager or a team as a whole. There are many qualities the game has that separate it uniquely from other ones. Through the use of gameplay interactions, this medium allows users to interact with others regardless of where you are located in the world. FIFA uses this aspect to its fullest by allowing their users to have multiple different playing options in order to interact with other live users. Although FIFA significantly upgraded its graphics and gameplay options. the game has been critiqued for their realistic success rates of players where they may score goals unlikely to be scored in the real world. Enhancing all of the aspects surrounding the game brought FIFA visually to life, but may have lacked player’s real tendencies.

In conclusion, FIFA as a whole has only improved over the years. I believe it is hard to get everything perfect in a video game because every year there is some aspect that can be improved and some that may need to be changed. The use of a different game engine brought FIFA to life for the users and made them look at the game more realistically. Although being questioned about the skill of the players, the game has continued to update each individual athlete based on what they believe their performance shows. Bringing characters and teams all around the world to life is what FIFA aimed to do in their latest model and I believe they accomplished that.

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