Critical Review 3: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (Kingdom Hearts Series)

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is an action RPG video game by Square Enix that released on January 17 2017. The game features three games inside of it, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary passage, and Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover. This game is basically to hold fans for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 which still has us fans waiting on it since Kingdom Hearts 2 which released in 2005. Kingdom hearts is one of not only Square Enix’s but also Disney’s and Playstation”s most popular games of all time. The story follows a young 14 year old(16 in the most current video game), named Sora who lives on Destiny Island with his friends Riku and Kairi live together, one day monsters called the heartless attack them, Sora is granted a weapon called the Keyblade which has the power to defeat these monsters. After the fight Sora finds himself separated from his friends and in a foreign land, he meets Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy. The three of them embark on their journey, traveling to many Disney worlds and foreign lands to destroy the heartless, save the world and save Sora’s friends from the darkness.


The series of games are amazing , the gameplay is action RPG based, attacking with the push of a button, with the aid of Donald and goofy who are non controllable or sometimes special guests depending on where the team is at the moment, for example Sora fights alongside Simba in the Lion King world. Combat is extremely fun and creative as the game has many ways to fight like Gummi ship battles where the player controls a ship and rides through space blasting away at heartless and asteroids to arrive at the next destination. The production of is high class, in 2.8 we have 3 games that released at different points of time over the years yet they all have been remastered for great HD quality making the experience as though the games all came out this year but the games aren’t too long so its not the best of placeholders.

The story is very complex and intriguing, although that is a very good thing for most, it may be hard for the average 10 year old to understand and fully participate in the game since the game is rated “Everyone 10+” but that doesn’t go for all young kids out there, myself included back in the day. Sora and friends find themselves having a major nemesis in the game called “The Organization XIII”, an evil group who tries to take the hearts of people from all over and use them for their own benefits. From battling heartless and The Organization, Sora also runs into many other problems like looking for his friends and having those close to him turn on him, a great game with a lot of detail in story.

Core values in the game features friendship, courage and bravery we see from Sora who is randomly dragged into this world of fighting but stands up to protect what’s important to him, we also see loyalty from his companions like Donald and Goofy and Disney friends he meets along his vast journey. The story doesn’t feature any notable social responsibilities which can be seen as bad but I don’t believe this sort of game needs to touch on such matter. It’s a violent game but not a bloody one, as the rating says its great for ages 10+. It touches in women and minorities through Disney’s various characters, for example when Sora visits Mulan’s world and experiences her story with her.

The game is extremely unique in how it portrays a brand new story mixed in with Disney classics, personally I’ve never seen something like this game done before and its popularity backs it on. Overall it is a great game and I am one of the fellow fans waiting for the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts 3.




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