NBA 2k17


NBA 2k17 is a basketball video game that is available on all consoles.  It gives you the opportunity to do all things basketball like play your friends head-to-head with your favorite teams, start a career as either a GM or player and really get the full experience as a fan.  These games get better every year and I as well as others can say that it has brought us much joy over the years.

Ever since Microsoft and Sony created the next generation consoles, gaming hasn’t been the same.  The realism of video games nowadays is next level.  NBA 2K17 is no exception.  The graphics rival even real life photos.  Technology is growing all the time and it really shows in video game graphics.  The true game-breaker of 2K is that they use real announcer voices from all of the NBA broadcast stations like Shaq, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson and others.  This feature truly makes you feel like you are controlling a real-life game.


The user experience in NBA 2k17 is unlike any other video game that is out there.  It is honestly half video game / half movie.  In the most popular game-mode, MyCareer, it puts you in a story mode with complete freedom in terms of how you want to play.  You build your player however you want to.  You are an upcoming prospect that is highly recruited. You start out with a choice of 8 universities to pick from, and your goal is to make it to the NCAA Final Four.  The better you play in college, the higher you get drafted.  Once you are on an NBA team, you have choices to make in everything from shoe deals, sponsors, TV commercials and more.  It really immerses you into the game and makes it very fun to play.


The social themes at work are very relatable to a lot of people.  “Pres”, the protagonist of the story mode grew up without a father and has had to work hard to get where he is.  This definitely resonates with a lot of kids who pick up this game and makes it that much more desirable to play.  There isn’t too much involved with that part of the story, but it plays a minor role in who “Pres” is.  You have the option to be as negative or positive as you want.  People will either love you or hate you and it all depends on your press conference answers and sponsorship deals.

As I have said above, NBA 2K is unlike any other game out there.  No other games have ever used a story-mode feature like this (matter of fact, every EA game coming out later this year has a story-mode).  With a story line like Pres’s, it really forces you to lose yourself in the world of NBA.  People want depth in everything.  Whether that be a movie or a video game.  When you accomplish something in a game, it is nice to have a cutscene that is something out of a movie.  It allows people to have a perspective of the glamour of being a professional athete.  NBA 2K17 gives you that and more.


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