Snapchat: Critical Review 3

Snapchat is an app that has been around since September of 2011. It is an interactive app that allows users to send pictures and videos to friends individually or in groups. Each picture or video sent out can be seen from one to ten seconds. The length of time the picture or video is accessible is determined by the sender. There is also an option to upload a picture or video to something called a “story”. The story is a feature that allows your items to stay on the app for 24 hours and be seen by anyone during this duration of time.


I have OCD so the layout of certain applications is something that is cringe worthy to me. However, the aesthetic qualities of snapchat is something that is very pleasing to me. The layout is beautiful. When the application is first opened, it looks just as if you opened up the normal camera app on the iPhone. You can take pictures with the front or rear camera. If you swipe right on the screen, you are taken to a section that shows you recent ‘conversations’ of either messages, pictures, or videos sent with other people. It is a way of seeing the recent people that you have interacted with so you can more easily connect with your ‘favorites’. From the main screen, if you swipe to the left, you are taken to yours and your friend’s stories. This is where you can see everyone’s posts for a full 24 hours. The layout of the app is beautiful. The only complaint I would have in terms of aesthetics is the link between androids and snapchat. I have found that although the app can be used on all smart phones, the picture and video quality is not great on the android phones. It is almost as if the app distorts the quality in a way. However, as an iPhone user, I am very pleased with the app, aesthetically speaking,

This application is very user friendly. There are many different features that make the experience of using the application very pleasant. The fact that you can choose to send pictures and videos to one person, a few people, a group of certain people, or everyone, is a beautiful thing. It also has different filters that allow you to change a pictures color, it has a fast forward and slow down features, as well as filters that morph your face into something such as a dog, a cat, or a even a dancing potato. Filters change daily, which keeps the app exciting, new, and up to date. Furthermore, there are geofilters that allow you to post the location in your snap so that your friends can see where you are. You can also create and buy your own geofilter. I did this for my girl friend’s birthday. It was her 29th birthday and we were going to a club. I was able to create a geofilter and purchase it for the night. This allowed everyone there take pictures and videos and use this filter. These pictures were saved and later used in a photo album to save memories. It’s a fun way to make a night out a little extra special. It’s also another way to keep the users constantly engaged.


There are both positive and negative aspects to this app in terms of social issues. The more that people are on their phones, the less that they are connecting with the people are around them, in person. However, on the flip side, social media can help you stay connected with people who are not local. For example, my sister lives in California and I am able to see my nephew through snapchat every single day.

When snap chat first came out, it seems as if almost everyone in my generation jumped on board. Sadly now, 2 well known apps, Instagram and Facebook have added similar features that snap chat offers. However, it is almost as if they are selling fake Jordans. It works, but the authenticity isn’t there. At least in my circle of friends, we all still prefer the original snap chat and do not use the similar feautures on competing mediums.

Much like everything in life, Snapchat is not perfect. However, what is has to offer is something new and exciting and it is something that keeps the users engaged and excited. It is an app that keeps me connected to family and provides wonderful options.


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