Bad film Review; Foodfight!(2012)(A.K.A how to throw away 65 million dollars without really trying)

Just this past week, people have been abuzz with The Emoji Movie for all the wrong reasons. The film, which somehow can conjure up a plot involving characters contrived from a smartphone, has been getting god-awful reviews, currently sitting at a measly 8% on popular review site Rotten Tomatoes. However, I bet it can’t touch an animated film that is still considered one of the worst ever created – Foodfight!


The basic premise, if one could even call it that, is basically a confusing version of  Pixar’s Toy Story with brand mascots like Mr. Clean or Charlie the Tuna. The awkward thing is that there are barely any of these mascots in the film, seeing as the creators couldn’t get proper copyrights for any of these characters. Instead, we’re treated to a “McGruff the Crime Dog” knockoff played by Charlie Sheen after his giant media fiasco in 2011.


To say that this film even tries with its animation is a blatant lie. Even though producers claim that most of the original footage was stolen, the end result is lifeless, choppy, inconsistent CGI that belongs in the early 90s, not when the film was released in 2012. There’s some animation that looks like a typical third party rip-off of a classic computer animated film, and some that looks like it was animated by an elementary schooler being taught how to use a computer for the first time.

The little expression there is comes in the form of sloppy motion-captured arm movements that make the characters look like poorly- rendered mannequins, not a feature-length animated movie made to compete with Pixar or Dreamworks.

Much like its effortless animation and oversaturated aesthetic, the script is filled with weightless garbage. The joke-filled script often never manages to land a punchline, considering that almost every character is either some form of fetish material, a hyperbolic stereotype, or one of the few iconic characters the creators actually WERE able to include in the movie, like Mrs. Butterworth, Mr. Twinkie, or Mr. Clean. Most of the jokes in the film even have an inconsistent tone, either being a child-friendly but still crude fart joke, or a blatantly obvious sexual innuendo. It almost seems like Foodfight! is having an identity crisis between being a film for kids or a poorly executed adult animated movie, like Seth Rogen’s animated comedy Sausage Party, which took a similar concept and made it into an actually good film.


Despite the garbage animation that makes the music video for “Money for Nothing” look Oscar-worthy, and an inconsistent script and narrative that doesn’t care to make sense, the film’s biggest flaw is in it’s development.

According to IMDb, this film didn’t have a budget of similar trashy animated films. It didn’t even have a budget comparable to some classic animated films. This senseless, pointless, incomprehensible film had a 65 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET. The director somehow managed to take a cast of well-known actors including Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff, and Wayne Brady, and a serviceable plot premise, and still give the film quality that couldn’t even be found with a 50,000 dollar film. There certainly have been bad animated flicks since, including the aforementioned Emoji Movie or Rob Schneider’s atrocity Norm of the North, but when it comes to bad films, you can’t do much worse than Foodfight!

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