Bad Movie Review: Fist Fight

Fist Fight is a 2017 movie revolving around two high school teachers Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) and Mr. Campbell (Charlie Day) when Campbell gets caught up in all the troubles and disasters of the last day of school and senior pranks, Campbell accidentally crosses Strickland and gets on his bad side, afterwards the short tempered Strickland challenges Campbell to a fight after school . The movie is really fast paced in terms of telling a story, its put together but not in the best way, a movie purely for the exercise of profanity and exploration of abnormal rare high school education environments. The movie’s strong element was comedy and it did terrible in that regard with me giving out about just one or two laughs throughout the film. The movie is like complete preparation for 91 minutes for a fight that isn’t really anticipated so the film feels like a waste of time, with exaggerated elements of comedy that would entertain potty mouth teens which I doubt it does. Fist Fight lacks attractive tension and delivers its climax at the very end. The cost of production for the film was 25 million USD which I feel was completely wasted, such a film could’ve been filmed, produced, edited and what not with a measly 10 million and would’ve brought the same revenue, theres nothing particular in the screenplay nor animations or special effects that caught my eye at all, a bland film with excessive profanity. To me this movie was a waste of Ice Cube’s and Charlie Day’s great talents, both great in comedies but this film was just not a good one.

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