Bad Movie Review: Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 starring many popular actors such as Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Chris Rock is laced with corny comedy that makes it hard to pay attention to the movie as a whole. This is a sequel to the original Grown Ups movie with the same characters and it seemed like they tried to hard to force laughs. The movie starts with a deer urinating on Adam Sandler’s face, which is the initial “what is going on moment” of the movie, which like many of the other scenes have nothing to do with the story. Throughout the whole movie there are scenes with farting, burping, sneezing and any other bodily functions that you don’t find amusing, in which they try to use is as a comedy aspect.


The first Grown Ups included many of the cartoonish comedy scenes as well, but because it was the first one it seemed acceptable and not overdone. This sequel proves to be far below the first movie because of the lack of creativity and change in comedy strategies. The movie is centered around Adam Sandler having a party at his house, the kids getting out of school for summer, and a bully that comes back to cause a problem with Sandler’s character. The cliché of the bully loses and everyone is happy at the end is exactly what you expect from the beginning and is exactly what you get with little to no excitement throughout.


Every scene seems to leave you guessing why did I even watch that part? One scene consists of David Spade being put into a tire and rolled down a hill. The scene consists of obvious fake backgrounds and no substantial point to the scene except to introduce Shaquille O’Neil into the movie as a cop. The movie’s budget was big enough to put together a decent sequel and make use of the star cast, while introducing other celebrities such as O’Neil and Steve Austin, but still lacks to do so. Although Sandler and his crew are known for family fun comedies, this movie seems to over use the vulgar scenes people are too fast to get bored of. The abundance of farts and burps brings this movie from an original comedy to a sequel that is trying to hard to be funny. This cast has been able to put together many movies that are worth the watch, but this one seems to have missed the mark and failed to deviate off of the already used comedic cartoon style.

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