Bad Movie Review: The Human Centipede 3

The Human Centipede 3


The Human Centipede 3 has already known popularity from its previous films to be grotesque. The film received an 18% on rotten tomatoes with actor Dieter Laser playing as the main character Bill Boss who acts as a psychotic warden of a penitentiary. Throughout the movie Bill Boss is in a psychotic rage to mumbling random utterances and causing a scene. The movie doesn’t seem to have any direction besides Bills disturbing acts of torture, sexual harassment and random outbursts in front of prisoners. The movie doesn’t have any meaning until Bills assistant Mr. Butler suggests that they bring in Tom Six and listen to his speech about the Human Centipede.


One of the main issues of the story was the lack of dialogue, throughout the movie. Bill Boss would scream and torture inmates, while the inmates would just shout and curse at Bill Boss. In multiple scenes Bill Boss castrates an inmate, does a follow up on the same inmate and strangles the inmate to death. The medical staff then must revive the inmate and Bill Boss then jumps on him and begins to strangle him almost to the point of death. This last sequel was mainly cynical and consistently unpleasant film with creators who try to make the viewer as uncomfortable as possible. Nearing the end of the film the final human centipede chain is revealed.


To sum it all up the film Human Centipede 3, is widely known from its previous films and this film was the final of the series. This film received bad rating for a reason and watching this film I concur with ratings and think the film to be rather boring and continuously unsettling. The whole movie leads to the final centipede, which was rather insignificant due to the exaggerated torment and horror throughout the film.

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