Koontz – Extra Credit

Twilight 1

Twilight is an action/romance movie about a girl named Bella Swan who is sent to live with her father in Forks, Washington. In this city there is an existing family of vampires. Her main love interest is Edward Collin, a member of the vampire family. There is also an Indian reservation outside of town where a conflicting love interest, Jacob, lives. The movie takes place in Forks and at the end, the plot leads to Jacksonville, Florida, where Bella grew up.

Since this is the first movie of a series, the budget was not very large and it is noticeable. The movie is meant to be very monotone due to the weather in the area and also the pale skin of the vampires. In addition to the absence of color, the aesthetic quality is not as clear as most HD movies. It is also apparent that the character makeup and acting is that of a lower budget film. It is not as noticeable until the second movie in the series is viewed, whereupon there is a drastic difference. The movie gained a lot of popularity after the first showing which helped make the rest of the movies in the series hits and ensured better funding. Resolution of the fight scenes between vampires is poor and some backgrounds do not look real against the action. The backgrounds also do not look real as they are climbing up to the top of the trees at the vampire speed. The cameras are continuously moving with the characters which causes dizziness and the appearance that they are unsteady. Framing/angles are far too close in certain scenes such as when they are in school and talking about the assignment and it pans back and forth to each of their faces.

Sound effects in this movie are almost obsolete until the fight scenes. In addition to the monotony of color, the audio is all along the same sound level and energy level. Characters do not raise their voices or get upset–Jacob is one of the only actors who shows some drama. Edward, since he is a few hundred years old, has strong moral values and was raised in a different era. Because of this, he has set a moral duty for himself to remain abstinent until marriage with Bella. Bella however keeps testing his strength and self-control. She also wants Edward to change her into a vampire. He refuses to change her because he believes that vampire’s souls are damned and he wants to save her soul. Jacob’s family is good friends with Bella’s father. He wants Bella to be with him because she would not have to “change” for him. Edward and his family also do not harm humans like other vampires. They call themselves “vegetarians” and feast on only animal blood. The drama in the end is against vampires who are not vegetarians and end up coming after Bella.

Twilight 2

The fighting is comical and is not scary or thrilling enough to make the scenes interesting. It is hard not to laugh and it is mostly because of the poor level of acting from most of the characters. The characters in this movie are not well defined. The movie is far-fetched and unrealistic. The continual movies in the series do get better and more interesting. This movie sets the basis for the series plot line but once that is understood, it is not engaging enough to watch again.

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