Bad Movie Review: The Human Centipede 3

The Human Centipede 3


The Human Centipede 3 has already known popularity from its previous films to be grotesque. The film received an 18% on rotten tomatoes with actor Dieter Laser playing as the main character Bill Boss who acts as a psychotic warden of a penitentiary. Throughout the movie Bill Boss is in a psychotic rage to mumbling random utterances and causing a scene. The movie doesn’t seem to have any direction besides Bills disturbing acts of torture, sexual harassment and random outbursts in front of prisoners. The movie doesn’t have any meaning until Bills assistant Mr. Butler suggests that they bring in Tom Six and listen to his speech about the Human Centipede.


One of the main issues of the story was the lack of dialogue, throughout the movie. Bill Boss would scream and torture inmates, while the inmates would just shout and curse at Bill Boss. In multiple scenes Bill Boss castrates an inmate, does a follow up on the same inmate and strangles the inmate to death. The medical staff then must revive the inmate and Bill Boss then jumps on him and begins to strangle him almost to the point of death. This last sequel was mainly cynical and consistently unpleasant film with creators who try to make the viewer as uncomfortable as possible. Nearing the end of the film the final human centipede chain is revealed.


To sum it all up the film Human Centipede 3, is widely known from its previous films and this film was the final of the series. This film received bad rating for a reason and watching this film I concur with ratings and think the film to be rather boring and continuously unsettling. The whole movie leads to the final centipede, which was rather insignificant due to the exaggerated torment and horror throughout the film.

Fallout: New Vegas



Fallout: New Vegas

In Fallout New Vegas, a video game for the Xbox 360, you are thrown into a post nuclear setting as a courier that has just survived being shot in the head. The year is 2126, and the United States is a radioactive deathtrap caused by a war with China over resources. With no central government, two main factions are competing for dominance; Caesar’s Legion, a fascist regime drawing inspiration from the cruel side of the Roman Empire, and The New California Republic, a United States inspired people’s Republic. It is up to the player to decide which side to fight for. The game is a first person choose your own adventure in which you must complete quests, barter, gamble, and fight your way to earn money and fame. The game eventually leads to a battle for Hoover Dam, a major power source for a resource barren region. Whichever faction wins the dam is able to provide 1st world amenities for it’s constituents. In addition, you are able to pick and choose which subfactions you wish to aid. There are issues at hand like whether to discriminate against ghouls, which are people with burns and skin disfigurement as a result of exposure to radioactivity, or to fight for the purists who want to kill them all. It is ethical situtations like this that distinguish Fallout New Vegas as a more deep and moral experience than other video games.

The Aesthetics of Fallout New Vegas are purposely bland and dead looking to convey the message that the land has been destroyed. Rusted cars, cracked pavement, and dusty red cliffs dominate the landscape and provide an eerie and hopeless feel. Additionally, threadbare drifters and wrinkle-faced drug addicts contrast well with the finely outfitted head honchos of the New Vegas Casinos. A drawback of this technique is only the lack stimulation the player receives, as the blandness is a stark contrast from other video games of its time.

The player is in full control of almost every aspect of the game. You can design your character to be a skilled wordsmith with charisma boosting clothes or an elusive sniper with the world’s most expensive rifles to boast. When in dialogue, the player is presented with 4-5 different responses to each statement made by characters. You are also exposed to very realistic gore and violence to completely integrate the player in the fantasy world.


The values of the game are wide ranging and up to the player to decide. If the player decides to be a soldier of Caesar’s Legion, they are accepting and condoning slavery, genocide and classism. If they fight for the NCR, they are choosing to ignore the mistakes of the Americans and reinstate bureaucratic failures. There is also racism towards physically deformed ghouls and mutants despite their unchanged mental cognition. The player can also choose to free sex slaves or utilize them, which is a big point of controversy.

This game was critically acclaimed and won game of the year for it’s ability to give players unprecedented moral and physical control of their experience. The aesthetics used left no room for questioning the destructive nature of nuclear war and served as a warning to Americans. The ability to customize your moral compass was revolutionary. The game started a trend in the industry and has lead to a successful sequel and two acclaimed spin off games.

The Titanic

The Titanic is inspired by real events but the plot is fictional. There is a fictional love story between Jack and Rose. In the opening scenes men on a boat discover the Titanic with precious valuables and a sketching of a naked women with a diamond necklace. The setting takes place in the early 1900’s and the movie depicts multiple social classes. The main characters whom the love story is based upon are both ranked in a different light based upon their economic positions. Rose walks outside on the deck of the Titanic, glowing as she is peering off into the distance; Jack takes note of her beauty but is suddenly shot down with the realization that he may never have her because she is wealthy. Jack stays out on the deck of the ship looking at the stars and hears rose dash for the railing, before she can jump to her death he speaks out to her and tells her “don’t do it,” and essentially tells her if she jumps in he will too. He eventually saves her and their forbidden romance begins.


The aesthetic qualities in this movie are way ahead of its time and were very impressive. The producers of this movie spent over $200 million dollars. They focus the camera close to the actor’s faces to intensify the scene, which positively impacts the sound effects and dialogue of the movie. The dialogue in the movie is mostly the character interacting with each other verbally. Although, it appears that the actors are speaking, there is actually a voice over for each character. The sound effects in this movie are used to make the movie seem more realistic. In one of the scenes Jack is leaning over the front of the boat and there is a loud roar of the ocean and its waves smashes against the ship. They use CGI to show dolphins swimming alongside and jumping in front of the Titanic to give a wow effect to the audience.


The story is mainly told through dialogue and set design. Jack and Rose’s flirtatious attitude has created conflict within Rose’s family. As Told from the perspective of 100 year old Rose, she said her mother looked at Jack “as an insect that needed to be squashed,” As the movie progresses the tension within Roses’ family and Jack escalate. The next scene shows the dramatic pull Jack has upon Rose because he was capable to not only defend himself against Roses’ families questioning and sly gestures that Jack was not of wealth.


As talked about before, the tension between Roses family and Jack has escalated to even Rose receiving abuse. Rose was caught dancing with Jack. The next morning Rose was questioned, verbally assaulted and then threatened by her fiancé not to dishonor him. Her fiancé left the room and then her mother entered. Instead of wondering about her well being, she instead told her she needed to stop fooling around with the less wealthy Jack Dawes and marry her fiancé to ensure they were financially stable.


The main value continued throughout the movie was love. The romance between Jack and Rose infuriated everyone besides the two. Everyone in this movie is obsessed with who Rose loves. The two eventually make love and agree to be together when the ship docs. After the two realize they’re meant to be together the watchmen on the Titanic notices an iceberg straight ahead. Which results in the end of their love affair because Jack eventually dies from the crash.


The Titanic was based off a historical tragedy that revealed a love story that wasn’t meant to be. The main value of love was persistent throughout the movie because every scene revolved around who Rose were to be with. The impact of dialogue and CGI effects draw viewers to the conclusion of this movie being one of the best love stories ever created.


Winter Is Coming

Robert_at_WinterfellThe Game of Thrones is based off of a series of fictional novels that revolve around the light and the darkness in the fictional world where the undead has risen and technology differs than this world. The main foreshadowing phrase in this series is “Winter Is Coming.” There are essentially three main families that are involved in the show that are shown throughout the entire series, the Starks, the Lannisters and the Targarians. The series portrays this so called light and dark in numerous ways and the families are basically an example of the light and dark. The Starks main quality traits are duty, and honor, which correlates to the light. The Lannisters are a family based off of greed and lust for power. While, the Targarians in the past have destroyed their world, Danerus Targarian, has a light in her that is driven to free the world of corruption and enslavement.

This episode shows the long time battle of the light and dark in the first scene. A Night’s Watch deserter was tracked down outside Winterfell, which prompted Lord Ned Stark to execute the traitor. This tale is shown and explained later in the series. Meanwhile, on Ned’s return home, he learns his mentor, Jon Arryn has died and that King Robert was riding to Winterfell, to offer Ned the position as the King’s Hand. Refusal of such offering would be considered treason and this means that Ned will have to accept the position and leave his wife, Cathryn Stark, and their boys, Bran, Rickon, Robb, and Jon Snow. The King’s offering is not only that Ned becomes the King’s Hand but that of marriage. Sansa Stark is to marry Joffrey Lannister and their houses will be merged. The last scene of this episode shows Cerci Lannister and Jamie Lannister having intercourse, which is frowned upon not only because they are brother and sister but Cerci is the married to King Robert. Bran Stark climbed a tower and into a window where he saw the two making love. He was then shoved out of a three-story building by Jamie Lannister and paralyzed.

The aesthetic qualities of this show are tremendous; the producers of this film started paying about 6 million per episode and as far up as to 20 million per episode nearing the later episodes. The cinematography in this show is mainly focused on natural lighting and the use of candle light to light up the scenes. This episode not only uses natural light to illuminate the scene but also has quite a deal of CGI creations involved. In this episode as the King was arriving at Winterfell, music was in the background to intensify the seriousness of this event. At the meeting dialogue is used to set the following scene. An example of this is when whispers at the meeting asked where Terrian was, Cerci two lines later asked in rage to Jamie where he was. The following scene then proceeds to be when Jamie finds Terrian in the whorehouse.

Three men rolled outside the wall to investigate suspicious activity. White walkers attacked them and two of the three men were killed and the last man escaped. The Night’s watchman deserter escaped till Winterfell where he was captured and executed by Ned Stark. Ned Stark came back home and received news by King Robert that he would be hand of the king and that his daughter were to marry his son and their houses would join. They celebrate the news by having a feast where each house interacted with each other. The King’s family was more condescending and could say and do whatever they pleased. The following day Brand Stark is climbing a tower when he hears sexual noises coming from inside. He investigates and sees Jamie Lannister and Cerci Lannister having intercourse. They notice Brand Stark in the window and Jamie Lannister runs to grab him. Then he proceeds to throw him out the window and says “The things I do for love,” scene ends.

The main values that seems to be reoccurring is the trait of truth, honor and duty. As stated above, the Night’s Watcher deserter was tracked down by the Starks, and promptly executed. Ned made Brand come. Behind Brand stood Jon Snow. Jon Snow seems to always be reminding Brand in the show that “father is watching,” because before the execution Snow told Brand that father would know if he didn’t watch his father chop the mans head off. The Starks follow the old way and seem to be instilling their values into their youth of a sense of duty. After the execution, Ned explained to Brand why he had to execute the deserter. Ned stated, “A man who passes a sentencing should swing the sword,” this demonstrates a sort of code that they live by.

This episode shows Terrian, who is loathed by his family with the exception of Jamie Lannister, for being a dwarf and essential the problem of the family. Terrian was with in the whorehouse receiving oral sex, and his brother Jamie Lannister walks in and requests that he comes to dinner. Terrian simply denied and said he would be busy. Jamie accepted this and as he walked out he said, “that’s what I expected,” opening the door to multiple women running and jumping into the room. As a humorous twist Jamie kindly neglected shutting the door on his way out.

Game of Thrones revolves around a light and evil aspect where the living battles against the dead. This doesn’t become apparent till later in the series but the depth, strength and support of the authors budget, dialogue and use of CGI helps strengthen the shows overall quality. The main values of truth, honor and duty are reoccurring throughout the episode and are a theme between the Stark families individual moral and character. This show has had a huge impact and attracted a large audience proving its popular demand to keep continuing the show.