Dance Flick

Dance Flick is the worst movie I have seen in my life, how it grossed 34 million dollars in the box office is beyond me. This movie is supposed to poke fun at the rise of dance genre movies such as Step Up and Stomp The Yard. It matched up with them in production of the film but it completely went past the “funny” stage and had myself feeling like a waste for taking time out of my day to watch.


The movie overall did well with the clichés of the movie. The typical cliché of the new girl at school, falling for the guy (Damon Wayans Jr.) is portrayed here. However that was the only positive of this movie was more offensive than any Wayans brother movie that they have made. Typical with a spoof by the Wayans they make fun of current events at the time. However, they missed the mark of it being funny. For example, Ray, starring Jamie Foxx was used in this movie. It made fun of Ray Charles for being blind and even had a scene when a woman had her baby in the middle of the dance floor. To some this maybe seen as funny but to the general audience this can be as poking fun gone horribly wrong. It gets even worse within the movie because actress/singer Brandy at the time, had gotten into a car accident which led to the death of a driver. They stooped so low into even trying to make this thing a joke. I understand with comedians you are supposed to be able to make jokes out of terrible situations. However, there is a line and they crossed that line. If you feel like wasting 2 hours of your

NBA 2K17:MyCareer Mode

NBA 2K17 is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. The video game allows players to do anything they want in regards to the National Basketball Association. There are five game modes within the game that appeals to all gamers. The five game modes are MyCareer, MyGM, MyLeague, MyTeam and Quick Game. MyCareer allows you to create a player and gives you a glimpse of what it is like being an NBA player. MyGM allows you to be the General Manager of a basketball franchise and make various decisions such as ticket prices, while playing through an NBA season. MyLeague Online allows you to play with your friends online to earn bragging rights in your circle. MyTeam mode allows gamers to build their own team with players that they obtain/receive in their journey of building the best team possible. Quick Game allows you to play an NBA contest with your friends or online against anyone in the world. 2k tries to appeal to all basketball fans with its’ various game modes and it succeeds. However, within this review I will focus on MyCareer.

The aesthetics of MyCareer in NBA 2K17 are solid overall. It gives you the opportunity to change the camera and sound when you are playing the 82 game season. However, a feature within the mode is you can see your player’s timeline and text messages. The responses to your player get dry after you play the game a few times.2k1720720-vadapt-767-high-0 For example, when you are trying to renegotiate a sponsorship your agent will respond the same regardless of it the deal is a shoe company or local restaurant.

Overall NBA 2K17 took a step back in the story mode from NBA 2k16 but made strides from a user experience. Director Spike Lee, directed NBA 2k16 MyCareer mode. Spike Lee directing was good overall but it did have cheesy storylines such as your childhood friend dying and your biological family being black regardless of your color. NBA 2K17 does not lack in storylines though with Michael B. Jordan, star of Creed being your best friend and teammate. But it did take a step back from the heavy scenes to balance out gameplay and story.

MyCareer has values because it has friends that you meet along the way and a love interest and mother in your corner at all times. It gives you the opportunity to choose how you want to act with your friends and women in your life on your off days. For example, you can choose to practice/hang out with a Michael B. Jordan or neglect him with an excuse. This can be seen as realistic because it is relatable to how we live our daily life. MyCareer also gives you the option to continue your relationship with your love interest or start drifting away from her.maxresdefault1 Socially and culturally this can drive the user to continue playing the game because of how interesting it is to see what the average NBA player would go through regarding relationships.

This mode is seen as a new form because of how dynamic the experience is for basketball fans. We never had the opportunity before to be able to be in such control of our player. For example, your player grows from a HS top prospect to an All-Star and along the way you navigate major direction and choices that will give you a different story line from the generic story. The creators utilize the features of choice to keep you interested and continue moving forward with the game. They fall short in this mode with two things: practice and tedious scenes. Practice is not fun but it is the only way you can further advance your player attributes. The tedious scenes in this mode are the showing of your player walking and it does not give you the opportunity to skip the scene.

Overall, the mode is effective because of how interesting it is. Witnessing your player grow is fun to people because it allows people to live their dreams of being a professional athlete. It even allows you to brag amongst your friends because you can play against your friends and other online users with your created players. NBA 2k17 MyCareer bounced back from a disappointing 2K16 story mode, fans of this mode has to wait to see how 2K Visual Concepts continue to improve for NBA 2K18.


I went to see Fences earlier this week. Fences was directed by and starred by Denzel Washington and Golden Globe winner for Best Supporting Actress, Viola Davis. Fences was released on Christmas Day 2016 and is based upon the Broadway play entitled Fences that was written by August Wilson. The name Fences is based upon within the movie Denzel is trying to build a fence around his house because Viola wants it.

The movie is based in Pittsburgh in the 1950s as Troy Maxson, played by Denzel Washington is a trash collector that was bitter about the outcomes of his life. He was a terrific baseball player but the color barrier was not broken yet. He also went to jail for stabbing a man during a robbery. Which is why he had to settle with being a trash collector. He let this bitterness spill out on his wife of eighteen years Rose, and sons Cory and Lyons throughout the movie. Troy had soft spots however, for his brother Gabriel, whom was injured in the military, his best friend Bono that he met in jail, and his mistress. Troy had a baby by this mistress. However, the mistress died while giving birth to his newest daughter Raynelle. Which led to Troy and his wife having to take car of this child. Ultimately, Troy ended up dying from a heart attack when swinging his baseball bat (a tradition that he did in his backyard from time to time to pass time). Leaving his family in disarray but still appreciating the time Troy spent making his family the way that it is.

Fences is a movie that had a lot of negative in it from a social responsibility standpoint. There were constant verbal confrontations between main characters. Two of the major verbal confrontations were by Troy and Rose and Troy and Cory. Troy tells Rose that he is expecting a child by another women. As this argument was going on, Troy went on a tangent about how he is essentially ashamed of being stagnant and not being in a position where he wanted to be. Rose responds to this by pointing out that she is feeling equally a stagnant as he is but never did cheat on him the way he did to her. Troy and Cory argued various times throughout the movie. fences . Tension boiled between father and son because Cory had dreams of going to college to play football. However, his father did not allow this to happen and wanted him to learn a trade instead. The final argument between these two led to Troy choking out Cory with a baseball bat and kicking him out of the house.

The portrayal of both women and minorities were vastly negative with minor positive. Rose fulfilled the stereotype of the African-American woman of that time which may be looked down upon in today’s society. She stayed at home, cooked, cleaned because that was the norm of the role of a woman in society at that time period. However, she was the peacemaker of the household and kept things normal as long as she could. Troy was an alcoholic, cheater and bad father at times. However, he was just trying his best to provide his family with the best he can allow in his weird way.

Fence’s impact is to provide the audience with imperfections that makes the movie likable. This imperfection makes the audience receive the characters as likable because it allows us to see similarities between what is on the screen and what we do on a daily basis. This is not to say that we are all bad people but, dark movies like this allows us to focus on ourselves and figure out how we can be better people in our daily life.

Fresh Off The Boat: Season 3 Ep 9 by Chazi Diggs

The television show that I focused on is entitled Fresh Off The Boat. Fresh Off The Boat is a sitcom that comes on ABC on Tuesdays at 9 PM. The show is based upon the book Fresh Off the Boat written by chef and television personality Eddie Huang. The show follows the life of Eddie Huang and his’ Taiwanese family as they transition from Chinatown of Washington, D.C to Orlando, Florida. The time period of the show is based within the mid 1990s.

The main characters are the immediate family of the Huang’s. Louis and Jessica are the parents of three sons. Louis Huang owns a restaurant called “Cattleman’s Ranch” : the reason the family moved to Orlando. Jessica is the enforcer of the Huang household by how she enforces rules and regulations amongst characters. Eddie is the oldest and he is the protagonist of the television show. He tends to break the rules of the household while portraying his hip-hop influence. The middle child is Emery whom is a likeable and smart character of the television show. The youngest is Evan and he portrays the persona of being the perfect child with good grades and doing anything his mother asks.

The episode that I am focusing upon is season three episode nine. The episode is entitled “How to Be an American.” Within this episode, Jessica’s attempts to obtain her permanent citizenship to be considered an official United States citizen but she has an interview meeting she has to go through.

The aesthetic qualities of the television show seemed to be done effectively by the people that are apart of the show for a comedy show. The choice of music used throughout this episode helps drive the episode forward. For example, within the first minute of the episode the music changes from a song that illustrates waiting for Jessica’s citizenship papers to be approved. Which is quickly transformed to a DJ scratch when a person barged into the interview room to tell the interviewer that Jessica’s papers cannot be approved yet due to questions about her criminal record. Which identifies that this will be the focus of the episode. Directors effectively used close-ups to show emotion of characters. An example of a close-up was, when the interviewer identified the secret that Jessica went to college to become a teacher instead of what she told Louis before. The purpose of this close-up was to show the confusion that Louis was going through because this was the first time he had heard of this before.

The stories of this episode were told with dialogue amongst characters and flashbacks. There was a main story that was being told and a minor story. The main story was told between Louis, Jessica and the interviewer. The three characters were creating tension because there were holes within Jessica’s background story. To clear the conflict, the writers decided for the story telling of Jessica’s background was to be done by flashbacks. Jessica’s flashbacks ranged from her history of a schoolteacher to her version of how Louis and Jessica first met. The minor story of this episode is a conflict between the three brothers. Eddie as an 8th grader, tried to take his brothers on a trip in the family car while his parents were at the citizenship meeting ( ). However, his plan of brotherly bonding quickly led to conflict because he locked the only pairs of keys in the car after he told his brothers to get their swimsuits.

The values of love and trust were illustrated in this episode. Within the episode love was a value that was addressed because Jessica downplayed her romantic side throughout the episode. At the beginning of the episode, she illustrated that she hated when Louis brought up how they met because it was pointless to be repeated. However, at the end of the episode Jessica said that she had fell in love with Louis at first sight as well (,p0,d1 ). It was just that she did not want him to think that she was with him for the purpose of a visa to continue living in the United States. Trust was illustrated within the episode because it was not held because of how Jessica did not tell Louis everything about her background. For example, Louis did not know that she had a criminal record. However, he did not care about it because the reason for the criminal record was that she had written his number down on a piece of wood.