Last of Us


The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States. It takes us on the journey of two survivors, Joel and Ellie, who are traveling across what is left of the country to find a cure for a plague that has left the population zombie ridden in the year 2033. Now to back track some, after the zombie outbreak, the government tried to step in and make a vaccine that in turn furthered the progress of the plague. To try and fix their mistakes they created quarantine zones that separated them from the infected to keep them safe. The game is played through first person control and gives cut scenes through different levels to give us the inside look on their life threatening journey.

This video game was released in 2013 and was in the running for the game of the year. This was not only for its gameplay or storyline, but for its amazing graphics. The graphics involved in this game were groundbreaking for high definition being involved in the video game world. These graphics involved the 1080p resolution which was the best at the time. The game was recently remastered for the newest PlayStation and given an even better resolution. With this being said, the graphics take this video game and turn it into more of an interactive cinema. To give you a nice movie experience as you play along with the game.

On a technological aspect there are many different things that make this game better than the rest of its time period. The first being the 1080p resolution. Before this game and a few others, only TV shows were in 1080p resolution. Bringing this idea to video games was revolutionary. A second aspect is its boosted 60 frames per second. This helps the game move at an even smoother pace when moving at faster speeds. This makes the game and graphics more appealing to the eye as well as less overbearing.

The game is made to flow together as you play. You begin with a cut scene that explains the beginning of the story. Once the story is over you are in third person mode and you learn the controls of the game and you begin the journey. As you play along there are objectives and checkpoints that you must reach to continue. Some objectives may require a time limit or even course obstacles to overcome. Some levels are also more difficult than others; although you can set a general difficulty at the beginning.

Throughout the video game there are many different moral obstacles. There are choices you have to make, like killing someone before they turn, or making the choice to leave companions behind. This leaves a lot of themes on the table. One being responsibility. Considering the way the story flows, you have to make the right choice. This involves being the responsible one and doing what needs to be done regardless of consequence. A second theme is value and value in family. Joel and Ellie meet many new people and many new sources of help. With a population so small and little chance of survival, they value the small things in their lives. Joel keeps his younger companion alive, is fighting to the death for her, and begins to see her as a daughter. He values their relationship and knows he would do anything for her.

Overall, this game is an amazing work of art. It feels like a story as you go through each level, while doing so it feels like a movie. As you play you build a connection with the characters, choose favorites, and hope the story turns out the way you want. Games like this changed the way campaign gameplay works, and lets us know how important and intriguing the storyline is to a video game.

Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street is a movie based on a true story. It is about a man, by the name of Jordan Belfort, who found himself caught up in the craziness of money. Other characters included his partner Donnie Azoff, his wife Naomi Lapaglia, and the FBI agent Patrick Denham. Throughout this three hour film we get a look at the life of a businessman who is enduring the rich and fun filled lifestyle as a stockbroking CEO. The only problem is that it is all done illegally. Before Jordan Belfort begins his company he starts his new job at a company that goes bankrupt on his first day. From then on he learns about the workings of penny stocks and goes from being an employee to being a boss. He begins to get lost in the money, the FBI look into it, and the rest spirals out of control.


This movie is more than aesthetically pleasing. Considering this is a huge feature film the quality is superb. The lighting is perfect in every scene, the sound matches the setting and mood of any conversation, and the scenery is beautiful. It brings out the flashy and exciting lifestyle of New York during the time period. The director Martin Scorsese does an excellent job of setting the tone for this movie. He tries to blend all of the scenes together to create a feeling of blurriness since the movie is very wild as they are on drugs most of the time. In order to put the viewer in the movie, he wants to give us the same foggy memory feeling.


The story is told through the eyes of Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. There are a lot of conflicts like him losing his job, cheating on his wife, and making money illegally. All of these conflicts are made throughout his own bad decisions. He could easily make the right choice but instead chooses the selfish route, making his life very difficult. Sometimes the bad choices are so out of hand that sometimes it feels a little unrealistic. Albeit, it still does not take away from the movie.


Considering the illegality of this movie there is a lack of values. However, the partners and employees of Jordan Belfort all possess the value of trust. They all know what they are doing, and they know that they could go down at any moment. For that reason, they stick together and confide in one another. Jordan Belfort is a man who values leadership. Purely because he wants to rule, and because of that value his employees and coworkers look to him as a savior. But from the start of the movie one of the main traits Jordan has is ambition. Because he wants to be at the top and because he wants all of the money in the world he strives to be the best. He takes matters into his own hands and does not stop until he gets what he wants.


Throughout the film there is drugs, alcohol, sex and violence. Cocaine and Quaaludes were a huge part of this man’s life, but that is most likely due to the money. But when it came to sex, there were prostitutes at his house, in the office, or even vacations. It’s as if sex and drugs were the only things they had to look forward to. And when it came to violence, it only occurred when someone was wronged or treated unfairly. Otherwise, it was drugs and sex.


Considering the amount of sex and prostitutes it is fair to say that women were treated as objects in the film. Not because it was a message that needed to be addressed, but because sex was their culture and they didn’t know much else.


All in all, this is a great film. Everyone plays their part very well making it a very interesting take on Jordan Belfort’s life and life choices. The directing and production also makes it entertaining and mind-blowing for the audience. It is a film that will keep you wondering what will happen next, with scenes that give comedic relief.wolf

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Sn 6 Ep 9

Game of Thrones is an HBO TV series, and the title generally explains the show itself. Many different families and small nations fight to win the throne in Kings Landing. The show has a few main families including The Starks who are always down on their luck, The Lannister’s who are very selfish and power hungry but always pay their debts, and The Targaryen’s who are dragon owners exiled from the world. Considering it is a fantasy world with kings, queens, knights, and dragons, the time period is never explained. This show goes through many different phases, but also follows each family and occasionally follows an individual character’s story as well.

In this specific episode, one of the last episodes of the show, a battle between two bastard children Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow takes place. This battle is occurring strictly because of family matters. Ramsay has found a way to capture Jon Snow’s brother, and Jon wants him back. To do so they take the fight to the battle field, but Jon snow is at a huge disadvantage. It is a few thousand against a few hundred thousand men. Once the battle begins Jon Snow fights for his life as Ramsay watches from the hill tops. Jon survives the battle and eventually slaughters Ramsay in a one on one fight.

The aesthetic quality of this show is amazing. It actually turns out that the directors and producers go to real places in the world to film these scenes, of course using green screen for MANY aspects, which is why the show takes a lengthy time to film. As this show began in 2010, TV technology has been moving at an unreal pace since then. This show is made up of very high quality. Every seen is vivid and popping with color, even in the dull moments. When there is an event occurs there is a change in music as well as effects on the setting or background. The music used in this show is very shocking, the music is a huge part of the mood, there is music that will soothe you at some points and have your heart racing watching an intense scene minutes later.

In this episode specifically, the story and plot is explained through the life of the different characters. It is not narrated but it explains the character’s current problems and how they overcome them using a lot of detail and by making sure to involve each main character as well as small details or Easter eggs to go along with the story.

Considering the TV show is about kings, queens, and power there are many values involved. The main one being family. Because royalty is passed down in a royal family, having a large family of mainly boys is what makes the family name last for as long as possible. A second value throughout the show is loyalty. Honor among family members and allies is extremely important. Breaking a leader’s trust can easily lead to death. Throughout the show characters do things that cross the line and break some of these values, which leads to certain characters’ conflicts or dilemmas in episodes.

This episode, as well as the show as a whole, is dedicated to violence. Someone can die at any given moment, which is intensified with gruesome violence. The beginning of the show contained a great amount of sexual content and nudity, but has since shifted towards more violence. This particular episode is one of the most violent, considering the episode’s plot.

This show does not portray women as weak. Anyone can rise to power, making it a free-for-all for minority characters as well. There are women characters in power, some of whom rose to power by taking out men who sat on the throne. There is no discrimination between characters and it is definitely an asset in the show.

This show’s quality is stellar. It has done so many amazing things throughout the show. The places explored and the vivid creativity of the show makes it impressive. The abundance of over 500 characters, shooting in different countries all at once, and many more aspects make this show very impressive. Along with all of these aspects, the technology, music, and plot of the story add to the quality of the show making for a thrilled audience. In some cases, leaving their jaws dropped.