Bad Movie Review: Fist Fight

Fist Fight is a 2017 movie revolving around two high school teachers Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) and Mr. Campbell (Charlie Day) when Campbell gets caught up in all the troubles and disasters of the last day of school and senior pranks, Campbell accidentally crosses Strickland and gets on his bad side, afterwards the short tempered Strickland challenges Campbell to a fight after school . The movie is really fast paced in terms of telling a story, its put together but not in the best way, a movie purely for the exercise of profanity and exploration of abnormal rare high school education environments. The movie’s strong element was comedy and it did terrible in that regard with me giving out about just one or two laughs throughout the film. The movie is like complete preparation for 91 minutes for a fight that isn’t really anticipated so the film feels like a waste of time, with exaggerated elements of comedy that would entertain potty mouth teens which I doubt it does. Fist Fight lacks attractive tension and delivers its climax at the very end. The cost of production for the film was 25 million USD which I feel was completely wasted, such a film could’ve been filmed, produced, edited and what not with a measly 10 million and would’ve brought the same revenue, theres nothing particular in the screenplay nor animations or special effects that caught my eye at all, a bland film with excessive profanity. To me this movie was a waste of Ice Cube’s and Charlie Day’s great talents, both great in comedies but this film was just not a good one.

Critical Review 3: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (Kingdom Hearts Series)

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is an action RPG video game by Square Enix that released on January 17 2017. The game features three games inside of it, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary passage, and Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover. This game is basically to hold fans for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 which still has us fans waiting on it since Kingdom Hearts 2 which released in 2005. Kingdom hearts is one of not only Square Enix’s but also Disney’s and Playstation”s most popular games of all time. The story follows a young 14 year old(16 in the most current video game), named Sora who lives on Destiny Island with his friends Riku and Kairi live together, one day monsters called the heartless attack them, Sora is granted a weapon called the Keyblade which has the power to defeat these monsters. After the fight Sora finds himself separated from his friends and in a foreign land, he meets Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy. The three of them embark on their journey, traveling to many Disney worlds and foreign lands to destroy the heartless, save the world and save Sora’s friends from the darkness.


The series of games are amazing , the gameplay is action RPG based, attacking with the push of a button, with the aid of Donald and goofy who are non controllable or sometimes special guests depending on where the team is at the moment, for example Sora fights alongside Simba in the Lion King world. Combat is extremely fun and creative as the game has many ways to fight like Gummi ship battles where the player controls a ship and rides through space blasting away at heartless and asteroids to arrive at the next destination. The production of is high class, in 2.8 we have 3 games that released at different points of time over the years yet they all have been remastered for great HD quality making the experience as though the games all came out this year but the games aren’t too long so its not the best of placeholders.

The story is very complex and intriguing, although that is a very good thing for most, it may be hard for the average 10 year old to understand and fully participate in the game since the game is rated “Everyone 10+” but that doesn’t go for all young kids out there, myself included back in the day. Sora and friends find themselves having a major nemesis in the game called “The Organization XIII”, an evil group who tries to take the hearts of people from all over and use them for their own benefits. From battling heartless and The Organization, Sora also runs into many other problems like looking for his friends and having those close to him turn on him, a great game with a lot of detail in story.

Core values in the game features friendship, courage and bravery we see from Sora who is randomly dragged into this world of fighting but stands up to protect what’s important to him, we also see loyalty from his companions like Donald and Goofy and Disney friends he meets along his vast journey. The story doesn’t feature any notable social responsibilities which can be seen as bad but I don’t believe this sort of game needs to touch on such matter. It’s a violent game but not a bloody one, as the rating says its great for ages 10+. It touches in women and minorities through Disney’s various characters, for example when Sora visits Mulan’s world and experiences her story with her.

The game is extremely unique in how it portrays a brand new story mixed in with Disney classics, personally I’ve never seen something like this game done before and its popularity backs it on. Overall it is a great game and I am one of the fellow fans waiting for the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts 3.




Critical Review 2: Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight is a installment in the series of Transformers movies that released in June 2017, the science fiction thriller is action packed with a hint of romance, really long as the film was 3hrs+. The main stars of the film are Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock) and Optimus Prime of course. As the plot thickens Yeager finds out that he has been chosen by the knights of transformers that he is the last knight and Vivian finds out she is the last descendant of the “sorcerer” Merlin making her the only one able to wield Merlin’s staff, together they are able to fight back against Quintessa, the creator of Autobots and Decepticons who plans to eradicate Earth in order to restore her own planet (Cybertron). The setting is Earth in 484 then present day Earth with the story shifting from various countries such as the United States and Great Britain.

The story starts off with an unfamiliar flashback to the transformers series, set in the Arthurian legend era, where Merlin is granted a staff from mysterious transformers to help defeat his party’s enemies, from there it goes back to present time with Yeager at the center of attention who carries on with usual lifestyle of helping out outlawed autobots. Everything takes a turn and tension starts to increase as he’s targeted by Megatron, tension is heated up as a controlled Optimus Prime enters the fray and tries to attack Yeager and Vivian and retrieve the staff, when he is released from the control he sides with earth and fights back against Quintessa which is where the climax occurs and from there the story simmers.

As a big feature film series its obvious Transformers would have a high production level and the capabilities to provide high level special effects and it did just that, the autobots, decepticons, weapons, ships etc were really brought to life, but I felt the movie relied too much on the special effects and lacked substance although being 3hrs long the movie was not to in depth with information, introducing a brand new theory in the series and fulfilling the theory’s problem in the same movie, seemed like a “filler” movie but with the hint of a new story at the end of the film, where a mysterious woman is introduced. The movie also did well with the voice overs of all the machines and editing for all the fight scenes.

The film didn’t specify on any social responsibilities and had underlying values tied into the story such as Yeager’s loyalty to the autobots, bumble bee and Optimus Prime especially and then friendship where one of the supporting main characters Isabella showed her love and ties for her autobot friends who she recognized as family. The bigger values were the resolve of bravery and courage that the defense of Earth had in order to protect their home. Violence is heavily incorporated in the film, battles from start to end, from human vs human, autobot vs human, autobot vs decepticon, autobot vs autobot (seen below) and human vs decepticon. transformers-op-fights-bb.png

Women were portrayed quite well in the film, the co-protoganist is a woman (Vivian) and she is made extremely important as technically she is the only human being alive who can save the world, big up for the ladies! In the latter part of the movie we  see her romance with Yeager play out, Yeager had to work his way in to her soft side throughout the movie. Also Isabella one of the supporting characters has a strong relationship with autobots and is hinted to be back in later films.


In conclusion I think the film was overall okay, not too different in terms of impact from other transformers movies, action packed and is at least a good watch for any age to enjoy. The Transformers series sticks to what It knows which is special effects!

Critical review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 3 (2017)

House of cards is a drama Netflix series that revolves around two protagonists; Frank and Claire Underwood, a congressman and environmental activist. The married couple is two manipulative and intelligent partners who seek to take what they want with an iron fist but gentle in outward appearance, the couple is very honest with each other and very secretive to others. The series shows the type of corruption, deceit, and greed that takes place in American politics and small examples for other nations politics. The Underwoods plan to take revenge on all those that have done them wrong and from there carry out their desires. House of Cards primarily takes place in the United States forefront for politics, Washington D.C.

Tension, stress, and anxiety are at an all-time high in this episode as the 2016 presidential election is less than 24 hours away. A stressed Frank Underwood continues to campaign although his health is questionable. Due to Frank’s transplant, the country has already been quite skeptical on whether his fitness would be able to sustain him through 4 years of presidency and with him coming down with what looks like from the episode, a cough, skepticism rises, within his campaign team and outside it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.43.17 AM.png

Frank, a man who displays power and strength refuses to allow the negativity get to him and wants to press forward. This power that Frank displays also damages him, for example in this episode when Secretary of Defense Cathy Durant recommends plans to Frank he lashes out at her, and from viewing the show you can easily tell by Cathy’s expression that she is upset and this worsens their relationship, due to Frank’s attitude those who should be serving him with loyalty and integrity seem to be undermining him and proving to be loose allies, with all the chaos happening around him Frank tries to stay composed as election day is almost here.

Meanwhile, his opponent in the race Will Conway, the Republican nominee who uses social media to his advantage with his better looks and appeal in age by being much young, holds a live questionnaire with the nation to ring the hearts of more citizens onto his side by showing his honest and will answer any question given. But tension arises in the air on his side as well when citizens start to ask him specific questions about his days in the army which seems to be an alarmingly sensitive topic for him. As election day is soon upon them, the confident candidates have a lot on their plates, both going in with high hopes leaving no room for doubt or lack of faith.

The aesthetic qualities of the episode and show, in general, are professional and sharp, as one would expect from a top rated show on Netflix in its latest 2017 season. The show emits real life scenarios with superb editing and production, utilizing news network like CNN, CBS and their stars like Wolf Blitzer and John King. House of Cards primarily communicates with dialogue and also breaks the fourth wall usually at least once every episode, but this concept of utterance is restricted to Frank Underwood only. Whenever Frank is up to something, lying, angry, upset, joyous or simply wants to talk, regardless of the situation he’ll turn to the fourth wall (the audience) and have a few words or so.

Frank and Claire have quite a complex marriage, Claire has an affair with Tom Yates, a novelist who now works for the couple, although an affair Frank has full knowledge of how the two have sex and sleep together in another room just about every night, Claire is a strong woman who gets just about anything she wants and stops at nothing (sometimes bad) to get it, including marital happiness which is something she felt she wasn’t getting from Frank and instead felt this happiness and love from Tom so she accepted it with open arms.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.57.04 AM.png

House of Cards is an impactful show that gives a sense of the corruption and underlying truths in the government, it may not be 100% accurate but as members of everyday society and not the government one may never fully know. The series has an immense sense of courage and individuality and also shows a journey of those aiming for power.