“Rubber” (2012)

maxresdefault-1This film had to be the saddest comedy I have ever seen. Due to my spite that resulted from this picture wasting my time and the fact that I have not figured out a way to explain any evidence of a plot I will simply state what was  shown in some manner which
I hope will help make some kind of sense. So there is a rubber car tire, and yes it comes to life, and yes its name was Robert. Robert was enamored by a woman as she drove by and so he seeks her throughout the film. Robert, still being a rubber tire, discovers some sort telekinetic abilities. Unlike spider-man, this super-being does not care for the responsibilities of its powers and uses them to blow the heads off all the humans that fall barrier to it being with the woman it saw. Now, not to give away such a thrilling experience, but the aftermath of a ductile mass-murder was shown which really stepped things up! The film concludes with a gripping battle between officer and buoyant life-force which led to Roberts demise. Lucky for Robert, his legend spearheaded a movement, as a tricycle and other wheels follow the notorious tire marks that Robert had left behind. This movie would be perfect for someone who is going on a first date and wants to have lots of subject matter for dinner or simply needs to capitalize fast. In all seriousness it seems as if this film was meant to be a commentary on something unique and when the director realized how awful it was and that it was going absolutely nowhere he decided to further overdo each scene and call it a comedy… but I am sure he is a great guy and all.


Dance Flick

Dance Flick is the worst movie I have seen in my life, how it grossed 34 million dollars in the box office is beyond me. This movie is supposed to poke fun at the rise of dance genre movies such as Step Up and Stomp The Yard. It matched up with them in production of the film but it completely went past the “funny” stage and had myself feeling like a waste for taking time out of my day to watch.


The movie overall did well with the clichés of the movie. The typical cliché of the new girl at school, falling for the guy (Damon Wayans Jr.) is portrayed here. However that was the only positive of this movie was more offensive than any Wayans brother movie that they have made. Typical with a spoof by the Wayans they make fun of current events at the time. However, they missed the mark of it being funny. For example, Ray, starring Jamie Foxx was used in this movie. It made fun of Ray Charles for being blind and even had a scene when a woman had her baby in the middle of the dance floor. To some this maybe seen as funny but to the general audience this can be as poking fun gone horribly wrong. It gets even worse within the movie because actress/singer Brandy at the time, had gotten into a car accident which led to the death of a driver. They stooped so low into even trying to make this thing a joke. I understand with comedians you are supposed to be able to make jokes out of terrible situations. However, there is a line and they crossed that line. If you feel like wasting 2 hours of your

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)


Not Another Teen Movie (2001) is an American teen comedy film, directed by Joel Gallen. Not Another Teen Movie is ALSO a prime reminder that just because a movie is popular does not have to mean it is of quality. This film was a collaboration of the best teen movies from the 90s and 2000s pulverized into a train wreck of a parody. I do not even want to begin explaining the plot as you would be here until next Tuesday reading it.

The movie lacks any robust or complete aesthetic; a combination of amateur acting with a story line that goes in 90 directions at once only has the ability to appeal to viewers that have already seen the movies being parodied for ANYTHING to make a stitch of sense. While the film is hilarious in a “cringey” way, the story was written in hopes of intertwining each hit teen movie from the last two decades. Instead, producers came up with a story that is simply too sloppy with no other aspect to make up for it. The characters are all 100% unoriginal which is typical for a parody movie, but Not Another Teen Movie appeared tasteless with scenes that almost mock the art in the successful teen movies. The movie has relatively no deep meaning or meaning at all.


The only social/cultural issues that could be resonated are the life of a teenager; the teenage life is messy, confused, and way too sexually active. Actually the theme of this movie might exactly be the life of a teenager. The production value tried its best to imitate the art in the successful movies. Movies such as Cruel Intentions (1999) (a personal favorite of mine), Bring It On (2000), American Pie (1999), and others are parodied upon, but the production value left viewer assuming this film was mocking all of those iconic films.

The debut tagline for this film was “If You Liked Scary Movie, who gives a shit.” Nice.


Just Another Cliche

Hadassah Lavianlivi EXTRA CREDIT

Movie: Not Another Teen Movie

Yes, this movie is exactly what the title states: just another cliche teen movie about a popular high school kid and a  dubbed social loser. This movie is meant to be a sum-up of teen movies through out the ’90s, but if those cliche teen movies already exist and people make fun of them then why exactly would a production company waste time and money just to make a mockery?

The movie follows a group of ‘cool’ teenage kids who rule their high school and want to have fun at the expense of less popular kids- DUH, and a bet is  made that the most popular guy can get the geekiest girl in school to fall for him. Wow! What a great lesson to teach impressionable teens: it is okay to lie and embarrass other teens who are less fortunate than them just because they can.

Throughout the film, the popular guy actually begins to like the so called loser girl and realizes she is actually gorgeous under her thick black glasses. Yes, all it took was removal of a pair of glasses to make her into a ‘hot chick.’ This is not reality and just a terrible example for kids; it does not teach self acceptance and uniqueness, rather only an acceptance of a certain standard of beauty. Eventually, the popular guy grows closer to the girl and his old friends become distant; to get him back they tell the girl the truth about the original bet – yay! the climax of this monstrosity- and she is mortified in front of the whole school.

Towards the end of the film, scenes bounce between the girl and boy who miss each other despite the ridicule and dishonesty. Eventually, the movie ends in a cliche airport scene where the boy apologizes and professes his love to the former geek. And they live happily ever after. Well at least that is how the movie ends. So yes, this was just another teen movie  we did not need.

The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special was created in 1978 and directed by Steve Binder. It takes place after the events of Star Wars: a New Hope and is about a Wookiee holiday known as life day. Han Solo and Chewbacca need to visit Chewbacca’s family and evade the empire. His family waits for him to arrive and try to distract the empire.

Dear god, what has my life come to that I am reviewing this movie? It’s actually worse than the star wars, prequel trilogy. It’s actually kind of hard to describe what’s going on since the movie doesn’t have much of a plot. Right from the beginning, it’s easy to see that this movie’s production value is the lowest of any official star wars movie made at the time. Chewbacca’s family was hard to look at, especially his son. I, a 21-year adult male, found the character design for the family unsettling. I can only imagine how horrifying it must’ve been through the eyes of a child.

The story was rushed, and it lacked memorable characters. It did feature the cast from the original trilogy, but it felt like none of them wanted to be there, especially Harrison Ford. It seemed like he was just reading his lines so he could get as far away from the set as possible, and I don’t blame him. There were also the shorts that diverted from the main “plot” of the story. Most of which were musical numbers, to which I must ask, why? Every single time a song came on I felt the urge to fast-forward until the end, it was nothing but filler. The only short I liked was the one with the band, “The Jefferson Starship.” But it shouldn’t have been in a star wars movie. Every single shot and scene was too long; this movie could have been 20 minutes long, with the shorts being separated into other shorts.

If I had to rate the movie, I would give it a 2/10. It was so bad I had to put away my remote so I wouldn’t be tempted to pause or change the movie. After watching the movie, I can only think of this quote. “If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it.” –George Lucas.

Last of Us


The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States. It takes us on the journey of two survivors, Joel and Ellie, who are traveling across what is left of the country to find a cure for a plague that has left the population zombie ridden in the year 2033. Now to back track some, after the zombie outbreak, the government tried to step in and make a vaccine that in turn furthered the progress of the plague. To try and fix their mistakes they created quarantine zones that separated them from the infected to keep them safe. The game is played through first person control and gives cut scenes through different levels to give us the inside look on their life threatening journey.

This video game was released in 2013 and was in the running for the game of the year. This was not only for its gameplay or storyline, but for its amazing graphics. The graphics involved in this game were groundbreaking for high definition being involved in the video game world. These graphics involved the 1080p resolution which was the best at the time. The game was recently remastered for the newest PlayStation and given an even better resolution. With this being said, the graphics take this video game and turn it into more of an interactive cinema. To give you a nice movie experience as you play along with the game.

On a technological aspect there are many different things that make this game better than the rest of its time period. The first being the 1080p resolution. Before this game and a few others, only TV shows were in 1080p resolution. Bringing this idea to video games was revolutionary. A second aspect is its boosted 60 frames per second. This helps the game move at an even smoother pace when moving at faster speeds. This makes the game and graphics more appealing to the eye as well as less overbearing.

The game is made to flow together as you play. You begin with a cut scene that explains the beginning of the story. Once the story is over you are in third person mode and you learn the controls of the game and you begin the journey. As you play along there are objectives and checkpoints that you must reach to continue. Some objectives may require a time limit or even course obstacles to overcome. Some levels are also more difficult than others; although you can set a general difficulty at the beginning.

Throughout the video game there are many different moral obstacles. There are choices you have to make, like killing someone before they turn, or making the choice to leave companions behind. This leaves a lot of themes on the table. One being responsibility. Considering the way the story flows, you have to make the right choice. This involves being the responsible one and doing what needs to be done regardless of consequence. A second theme is value and value in family. Joel and Ellie meet many new people and many new sources of help. With a population so small and little chance of survival, they value the small things in their lives. Joel keeps his younger companion alive, is fighting to the death for her, and begins to see her as a daughter. He values their relationship and knows he would do anything for her.

Overall, this game is an amazing work of art. It feels like a story as you go through each level, while doing so it feels like a movie. As you play you build a connection with the characters, choose favorites, and hope the story turns out the way you want. Games like this changed the way campaign gameplay works, and lets us know how important and intriguing the storyline is to a video game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GBXuE6jcl4

Resident Evil 4 (Xbox One)

Resident Evil 4 is a RPG game that was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube but was later remastered and sold for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. the version that I played for this assignment was the version for the Xbox One, although I have played it on all the other platforms.

The story begins with Leon Kennedy as he is traveling to a remote part of Europe in hopes to find the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. Ashley had been kidnapped but no further information was readily present for Leon. He has the assistance of two local law enforcement officers but upon arriving to a mysterious village, they run away leaving Leon alone. Leon runs into a former police officer by the name of Louis who mentions Ashely is in a church near the village. Leon is able to find Ashley but run into the overlord of the cult that stole Ashley, Lord Saddler. Ashley and Leon escape Saddler but Ashley is soon taken from Leon by Lord Salazar inside of a castle. Leon runs into two old friends Ada and Krauser. Krauser is working to get a hold of the parasite that has infected the village as well as Ashley and Leon. Leon kills Salazar and obtains a cure for both him and Ashley. Upon ridding, themselves of the parasite, Leon comes face to face with Lord Sadler and Leon eventually kills him. Ashley and Leon escape on a jet ski and return home safely.

The aesthetic qualities of the game for the Xbox One version are incredible. The game was remastered to 1080p HD from the original version on the GameCube. The in-game graphics as well as the cut scene graphics were improved majorly for the remastered version. One of the downfalls for the game is the dialog. Some of the quick-witted responses from Leon don’t make the tone or the mood of the scene or setting that he is making the comments. In particular, the dialog between Krauser and Leon during an interactive cut scene doesn’t flow as well as this intense sequence should feel.

Resident Evil 4 is a survival horror based RPG. The controls for the actions are done in a third-person-shooter style with the camera over the players back instead of being a point of view shot during game play. This allows for an increased view of the scenery as well as an increased area to see the action. One of the more unique aspects of Resident Evil 4 is the gameplay in which Ashley is with you. This gameplay is a mixture of mini-game like controls as well as strategy based to make sure that Ashley is not in harm’s way from either the enemies or you shooting you gun. This system of having an extra entity with you during very intense sequences of the game creates a very compelling gameplay experience.

One of the values that is prevalent in this game is the value of heroism. Leon shows traits of being a hero throughout the story. Taking on the village and cult Los Illuminados practically single handedly, he showed that he was willing to do whatever it took to save the President’s daughter. One of the more disappointing aspects of the game is the way that Ashley is depicted. Throughout the story, she is depicted as the helpless girl that needs someone to come and save her, even when she is with Leon. She cowers in corners and doesn’t help Leon when enemies are nearby. I think if the game was made today, this would be an aspect I would change.

As stated before, the gameplay with Ashley is one of a kind. Not only is it unique, it is very smooth and easy to operate which makes the game more fun. Along with the gameplay included a sidekick without any means of providing cover fire, the game provides an intense feel of survival. You can only hold so many items and ammo. With ammo and health being scarce throughout the game, it really makes the player utilize and strategize as you progress throughout the game. Although that this does add a real sense of survival to the game, some points feel almost impossible due to the lack of items and ammo when progressing through later stages of the game.

The overall quality of Resident Evil 4 is remarkable. The game plays just as good in 2017 as it did in 2005.  The advanced that is made for the third-person-shooter helped redefine the entire genre. The intricate story line and cut throat survival horror gameplay has made it one of the most renowned and influential games of all time.