Bad film Review; Foodfight!(2012)(A.K.A how to throw away 65 million dollars without really trying)

Just this past week, people have been abuzz with The Emoji Movie for all the wrong reasons. The film, which somehow can conjure up a plot involving characters contrived from a smartphone, has been getting god-awful reviews, currently sitting at a measly 8% on popular review site Rotten Tomatoes. However, I bet it can’t touch an animated film that is still considered one of the worst ever created – Foodfight!


The basic premise, if one could even call it that, is basically a confusing version of  Pixar’s Toy Story with brand mascots like Mr. Clean or Charlie the Tuna. The awkward thing is that there are barely any of these mascots in the film, seeing as the creators couldn’t get proper copyrights for any of these characters. Instead, we’re treated to a “McGruff the Crime Dog” knockoff played by Charlie Sheen after his giant media fiasco in 2011.


To say that this film even tries with its animation is a blatant lie. Even though producers claim that most of the original footage was stolen, the end result is lifeless, choppy, inconsistent CGI that belongs in the early 90s, not when the film was released in 2012. There’s some animation that looks like a typical third party rip-off of a classic computer animated film, and some that looks like it was animated by an elementary schooler being taught how to use a computer for the first time.

The little expression there is comes in the form of sloppy motion-captured arm movements that make the characters look like poorly- rendered mannequins, not a feature-length animated movie made to compete with Pixar or Dreamworks.

Much like its effortless animation and oversaturated aesthetic, the script is filled with weightless garbage. The joke-filled script often never manages to land a punchline, considering that almost every character is either some form of fetish material, a hyperbolic stereotype, or one of the few iconic characters the creators actually WERE able to include in the movie, like Mrs. Butterworth, Mr. Twinkie, or Mr. Clean. Most of the jokes in the film even have an inconsistent tone, either being a child-friendly but still crude fart joke, or a blatantly obvious sexual innuendo. It almost seems like Foodfight! is having an identity crisis between being a film for kids or a poorly executed adult animated movie, like Seth Rogen’s animated comedy Sausage Party, which took a similar concept and made it into an actually good film.


Despite the garbage animation that makes the music video for “Money for Nothing” look Oscar-worthy, and an inconsistent script and narrative that doesn’t care to make sense, the film’s biggest flaw is in it’s development.

According to IMDb, this film didn’t have a budget of similar trashy animated films. It didn’t even have a budget comparable to some classic animated films. This senseless, pointless, incomprehensible film had a 65 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET. The director somehow managed to take a cast of well-known actors including Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff, and Wayne Brady, and a serviceable plot premise, and still give the film quality that couldn’t even be found with a 50,000 dollar film. There certainly have been bad animated flicks since, including the aforementioned Emoji Movie or Rob Schneider’s atrocity Norm of the North, but when it comes to bad films, you can’t do much worse than Foodfight!


Critical Review 3: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (Kingdom Hearts Series)

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is an action RPG video game by Square Enix that released on January 17 2017. The game features three games inside of it, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary passage, and Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover. This game is basically to hold fans for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 which still has us fans waiting on it since Kingdom Hearts 2 which released in 2005. Kingdom hearts is one of not only Square Enix’s but also Disney’s and Playstation”s most popular games of all time. The story follows a young 14 year old(16 in the most current video game), named Sora who lives on Destiny Island with his friends Riku and Kairi live together, one day monsters called the heartless attack them, Sora is granted a weapon called the Keyblade which has the power to defeat these monsters. After the fight Sora finds himself separated from his friends and in a foreign land, he meets Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy. The three of them embark on their journey, traveling to many Disney worlds and foreign lands to destroy the heartless, save the world and save Sora’s friends from the darkness.


The series of games are amazing , the gameplay is action RPG based, attacking with the push of a button, with the aid of Donald and goofy who are non controllable or sometimes special guests depending on where the team is at the moment, for example Sora fights alongside Simba in the Lion King world. Combat is extremely fun and creative as the game has many ways to fight like Gummi ship battles where the player controls a ship and rides through space blasting away at heartless and asteroids to arrive at the next destination. The production of is high class, in 2.8 we have 3 games that released at different points of time over the years yet they all have been remastered for great HD quality making the experience as though the games all came out this year but the games aren’t too long so its not the best of placeholders.

The story is very complex and intriguing, although that is a very good thing for most, it may be hard for the average 10 year old to understand and fully participate in the game since the game is rated “Everyone 10+” but that doesn’t go for all young kids out there, myself included back in the day. Sora and friends find themselves having a major nemesis in the game called “The Organization XIII”, an evil group who tries to take the hearts of people from all over and use them for their own benefits. From battling heartless and The Organization, Sora also runs into many other problems like looking for his friends and having those close to him turn on him, a great game with a lot of detail in story.

Core values in the game features friendship, courage and bravery we see from Sora who is randomly dragged into this world of fighting but stands up to protect what’s important to him, we also see loyalty from his companions like Donald and Goofy and Disney friends he meets along his vast journey. The story doesn’t feature any notable social responsibilities which can be seen as bad but I don’t believe this sort of game needs to touch on such matter. It’s a violent game but not a bloody one, as the rating says its great for ages 10+. It touches in women and minorities through Disney’s various characters, for example when Sora visits Mulan’s world and experiences her story with her.

The game is extremely unique in how it portrays a brand new story mixed in with Disney classics, personally I’ve never seen something like this game done before and its popularity backs it on. Overall it is a great game and I am one of the fellow fans waiting for the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts 3.




Critical Review 3: FIFA 17


FIFA 17 is a video game where users can play on a select number of consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox in order to interact with other users across the world through the game of soccer. FIFA incorporates real life professional soccer players into their game as if you were controlling the teams that play on a regular basis throughout the world. The game includes head-to-head matches where you can compete against a friend on the same console in a soccer match using the remotes to control your players every movement. Each button of the remote controls a different command for the players such as shooting, passing, and skill moves with the ball. Each game consists of the aspects a real soccer game would have including referees who call the game by strict rules, team managers, and a crowd that roots in favor of the home team. Other gameplay options are available as well where you can control a single player or team through their soccer careers while being put in real life situations on and off the field.

FIFA has consistently made it a priority to enhance their graphic qualities throughout the years of their existence and have done much of that through their use of lighting. In the 2017 model, EA Sports who created FIFA used a different game engine called Frostbite in order to bring the game more to life. The lighting used in 2017 allows the picture on your screen to look less like a video game and more as if it was a live game. In the past models there was a strong use of vibrant colors, but the new goal was to tone them down in order to make the picture more photo-realistic and dynamic. The other huge improvement is the way the characters in the game look. Players and managers are structured to their real-life appearances and are visibly shown with aspects such as sweating and fatigue.


As a whole, FIFA is generally easy to operate throughout, while still including many different aspects users may find entertaining. When first entering the game you are brought to a main loading screen where then after are able to see the mainframe with all different playing options. The most common way to operate the game is through head to head matches with someone playing on the same console as you. You are then able to scroll through teams that play throughout the world in different leagues and continents. Once you have selected your teams you are able to act as if you are the manager and rotate your roster to your own preference. After being able to set up a team fixed to the user’s liking, you are then able to change aspects of the game such as weather, time and which stadium the game will take place in. Once concluded, you are brought to the match where the players are now in control through the remotes and each command the user gives will cause their player to perform a certain skill or action.

Although FIFA may simply be a sports game, it addresses values such as competiveness and teamwork. The main aspect of the game is to win the match against your opponent whether it is a real person or the computer; the idea is to maximize your competitive level. Before every match the option to change your lineup makes the user think of the best possible game plan to win and in turn requires the user to think in depth as if they were coaching an actual team. As I stated before, FIFA also has an aspect of the game where you can control one player through their on and off the field actions. The players are put in situations where they are to make a decision given a certain set of options. This aspect shows how the user operates themselves as a teammate and where they are forced to choose a decision that is either better for the player or the team as a whole.

Every year, users question what FIFA is going to change next because it may seem as if there is nothing left to change. This game allows you to take yourself into the mind of a player and control the actions throughout their careers, which differs from just watching games on your television. Many people dream of being a professional athlete and FIFA allows you to be just as if you were through your console. Unlike other games, FIFA not only allows you to control one single player, but also a manager or a team as a whole. There are many qualities the game has that separate it uniquely from other ones. Through the use of gameplay interactions, this medium allows users to interact with others regardless of where you are located in the world. FIFA uses this aspect to its fullest by allowing their users to have multiple different playing options in order to interact with other live users. Although FIFA significantly upgraded its graphics and gameplay options. the game has been critiqued for their realistic success rates of players where they may score goals unlikely to be scored in the real world. Enhancing all of the aspects surrounding the game brought FIFA visually to life, but may have lacked player’s real tendencies.

In conclusion, FIFA as a whole has only improved over the years. I believe it is hard to get everything perfect in a video game because every year there is some aspect that can be improved and some that may need to be changed. The use of a different game engine brought FIFA to life for the users and made them look at the game more realistically. Although being questioned about the skill of the players, the game has continued to update each individual athlete based on what they believe their performance shows. Bringing characters and teams all around the world to life is what FIFA aimed to do in their latest model and I believe they accomplished that.

Critical Essay #3 – Koontz


Gears of War is a brutal video game of a humanlike race combating creatures from below their planet’s surface. This game is a third-person shooter game, where you can see the characters and control them in a third-person view. Gears of War takes place on a planet called Sera. The planet’s inhabitants were fighting a 79-year war called the Pendulum Wars over a natural energy source called Imulsion that was found under the planet’s surface. Two major governments were fighting this war: Coalition of Ordered Governments or COG; and The Union of Independent Republics or VIR. The Coalition of Ordered Governments soon turned to a weapon of mass destruction called the Hammer of Dawn, which was controlled via satellite, and used it to wipe out most of the Union. The COG soon attempted at peace with the Union when they found themselves fighting a more destructive foe, the Locust. These creatures came up from under the planet’s surface and were fighting to take over the planet. The Coalition of Ordered Governments then turned to the Hammer of Dawn again to destroy these creatures. They found it extremely difficult to destroy these creatures and where they came from. The Government sent out a Military Unit called Gears to travel into the planet’s surface wipe out the Locust creatures. This primary team of the game has characters named Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago.

The aesthetic qualities are very dark. Most of the game takes place underground or outside at night in the rain. Even with the dark qualities and the hard to see boards the graphics are pretty good. They have very smooth and functional transitions during gameplay. The rain scenes are very well executed and even though it’s difficult to see, lightning helps light and guide your way. Where the quality of aesthetics is poorest is in the people. You can see the pixels in the faces during the story mode and sometimes there is a lag in gameplay.

The user experience is really cool. Even though the game is dark, it enhances the game and can be scary when a Locust jumps out at you. Gameplay has three main modes to select from; story mode, online battle, or horde mode. Story mode is great and takes you through the entire story of Sera and its inhabitants. Story mode is basically like playing a game through an entire movie switching as characters Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago. Online battle is where players can join in on battles among others from all over the world playing as people of Sera or the Locust. The online battle is set up on small maps that are randomly selected from parts of the story mode. Each battle is about 10 minutes per battle. Horde mode is probably my favorite way to play this game. It too is played online with others. However you are grouped together with a select team and you are attacked wave after wave by the horde of Locusts. The Main weapon of the Sera people is a machine gun with a chainsaw on the bottom of the gun.


There are minimal positive values of this game. Even though the characters are fighting to keep their race alive it is a very brutal and vulgar game. The chainsaw gun can saw through the opposing characters along with shooting them. The violence in Gears of War is pretty brutal. There is lots of gore with bombs, guns, and chainsaws. There are a few female characters in the game, however the females that are in the game are leaders of the Governments and also the Queen Locust. The language in this game is very vulgar. Even though this is a harsh brutal game the characters are fighting to keep their race alive.

Overall Gears of War is a great game that has a fantastic story line. The gameplay overall is a lot of fun and the characters are very dynamic and have plenty of activity to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to keep playing to find out what will happen next. The dark quality of the game also helps keep the player disoriented on what might pop out in front of him, catching him off guard. This is certainly not a game for children.


Snapchat: Critical Review 3

Snapchat is an app that has been around since September of 2011. It is an interactive app that allows users to send pictures and videos to friends individually or in groups. Each picture or video sent out can be seen from one to ten seconds. The length of time the picture or video is accessible is determined by the sender. There is also an option to upload a picture or video to something called a “story”. The story is a feature that allows your items to stay on the app for 24 hours and be seen by anyone during this duration of time.


I have OCD so the layout of certain applications is something that is cringe worthy to me. However, the aesthetic qualities of snapchat is something that is very pleasing to me. The layout is beautiful. When the application is first opened, it looks just as if you opened up the normal camera app on the iPhone. You can take pictures with the front or rear camera. If you swipe right on the screen, you are taken to a section that shows you recent ‘conversations’ of either messages, pictures, or videos sent with other people. It is a way of seeing the recent people that you have interacted with so you can more easily connect with your ‘favorites’. From the main screen, if you swipe to the left, you are taken to yours and your friend’s stories. This is where you can see everyone’s posts for a full 24 hours. The layout of the app is beautiful. The only complaint I would have in terms of aesthetics is the link between androids and snapchat. I have found that although the app can be used on all smart phones, the picture and video quality is not great on the android phones. It is almost as if the app distorts the quality in a way. However, as an iPhone user, I am very pleased with the app, aesthetically speaking,

This application is very user friendly. There are many different features that make the experience of using the application very pleasant. The fact that you can choose to send pictures and videos to one person, a few people, a group of certain people, or everyone, is a beautiful thing. It also has different filters that allow you to change a pictures color, it has a fast forward and slow down features, as well as filters that morph your face into something such as a dog, a cat, or a even a dancing potato. Filters change daily, which keeps the app exciting, new, and up to date. Furthermore, there are geofilters that allow you to post the location in your snap so that your friends can see where you are. You can also create and buy your own geofilter. I did this for my girl friend’s birthday. It was her 29th birthday and we were going to a club. I was able to create a geofilter and purchase it for the night. This allowed everyone there take pictures and videos and use this filter. These pictures were saved and later used in a photo album to save memories. It’s a fun way to make a night out a little extra special. It’s also another way to keep the users constantly engaged.


There are both positive and negative aspects to this app in terms of social issues. The more that people are on their phones, the less that they are connecting with the people are around them, in person. However, on the flip side, social media can help you stay connected with people who are not local. For example, my sister lives in California and I am able to see my nephew through snapchat every single day.

When snap chat first came out, it seems as if almost everyone in my generation jumped on board. Sadly now, 2 well known apps, Instagram and Facebook have added similar features that snap chat offers. However, it is almost as if they are selling fake Jordans. It works, but the authenticity isn’t there. At least in my circle of friends, we all still prefer the original snap chat and do not use the similar feautures on competing mediums.

Much like everything in life, Snapchat is not perfect. However, what is has to offer is something new and exciting and it is something that keeps the users engaged and excited. It is an app that keeps me connected to family and provides wonderful options.


Waze, is a GPS navigation software that works on both smartphones and tables with GPS support and provides turn-by-turn navigation, travel times, and route details, all submitted by the users of the app themselves. Waze is free to download and was first developed by Waze Mobile, an Isreali company. The app was later acquired by Google in 2013. Waze stands out for its user-reported upcoming accidents, traffic jams, speed and police traps. The app can also identify the closest and cheapest fuel stations near you, along with any pot holes ahead or vehicles reported on the shoulder of the highway. Because Waze gets most of its information like traffic and police reports from the Waze-users themselves, they encourage their users to report such hazards by offering points for each time they submit a report. Like most apps, there are optional add-ons. These include connecting your Facebook friends to Waze and have the option to notify them when driving through high-crime areas, or let them know that you are in heavy traffic.


Users of this app are capable of displaying the map on their phone using various different color schemes. Waze 3.x offers thirteen different daytime color schemes, users can also create custom color schemes. The aesthetics of this app are personal to each user which makes this app more appealing to customers. Waze is very easy to navigate. Once you open the app it is set at its home page with an address search at the top, your home address (if you chose to set one), along with a work address, favorites and recent travel destinations. There are different ways to use the app, some people prefer to have no voice at all and only view the map, while others want to hear the directions while also being able to view the map. Something that I found appealing was the option to only hear the important traffic reports such as; police reported ahead, estimated time in traffic, and red light camera reported ahead. Waze has a feature that I personally use that allows you to hear the reports without having to put in a destination, for example, if you are driving to work and know exactly how to get there but want to know about the upcoming police reports, you can be notified of this without hearing the step-by-step route directions. This app is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I think the app could improve in ways, I think there should be an easier way to resort back to the app after closing it. If the app had a tab that popped up on the top of the screen, like google maps does, it would be easier for the driver to quickly go back to the map without looking at their phone for a longer period of time. Something that people always complain about, and is only getting worse is traffic, especially for people driving to and from work during rush hour. Waze has created a way to get around traffic faster then any other navigation app that I have tried. Waze will re-route you during your travels if it find that there is an accident reported ahead, it will direct you in a way to get around that accident without the driver even spending a minute in traffic, if possible. This app is a way to improve the social/cultural issues of traveling during rush hour, or getting around traffic during long car rides.


Like I said earlier, Waze stands out because of its user-based reports. It is a different approach then most navigation systems or applications that are popular today. Once you download the app, you become a “reporter” for Waze. Waze will announce a report such as “Vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead”, when you reach the destination where that vehicles was reported to be, a thumbs up or thumbs down will pop up, if there is a vehicle stopped you are directed to report it, if there isn’t you are directed to report that there isn’t. The app makes it extremely easy for the users to help each other get around traffic, police, and anything that might cause your travels to be delayed. This app is definitely growing and has room for improvement, but I think overall it is a well developed app and is doing very well.

Tinder: A Review

Up until about a month or so ago, I had little to no experience with the popular dating app called Tinder. I was quickly able to familiarize myself with how the app works. The goal is simple—to meet people. When a user first creates an account, she is able to enter her name, age, education, work, and a short biography (less than 300 characters). Users are also allowed to upload up to six photos which is undeniably the most important part of one’s Tinder profile because matches are made based upon one’s profile photo. The app can be set to customize potential matches by distance, location, age, and gender. Once these settings have been selected, the swiping begins! Tinder then displays a photo featuring another user’s name and age. If interested in this person, users swipe right to “like” that person’s profile; if not, users swipe left to indicate that they are not interested. The matching occurs when two people mutually “like” each other. Mutual liking creates a match and users can then begin messaging each other in hopes of meeting up for a date or something else. Tinder does not share your personal info such as your phone number or Snapchat, but users often exchange these details when messaging.


The aesthetic qualities of Tinder are very simple and straightforward—the main screen features a photo of a potential app with a toolbar of actions at the bottom. Users can also tap on a person’s profile photo to read their bio and see a listing of mutual friends and shared interests, thanks to Facebook. The messaging feature is almost identical to that used on any smartphone, without the ability to send pictures and videos. The main icon associated with Tinder is the flame, which appears when a user has a match. The flame seems to be a metaphor to represent a relationship between two people beginning with a small spark (tinder) and then turning into burning love. However, the accuracy of this metaphor remains up for debate.

Similarly to the user interface, the experience is relatively straightforward. Basic users can either simply “like” or “dislike” potential matches by swiping right or left and then begin messaging if the two are a match. For a fee, premium users have the ability to “super like” potential matches, experience “boosts” to get more likes, and use the “undo” feature to view previous profiles. All users also have the capacity to “unmatch” someone they have matched with if the interaction—in most cases, if the interaction becomes uncomfortable or inappropriate.


As a 21 year-old female using Tinder my experience is that any sort of values or morals are virtually non-existent on this app. While I have had some enjoyable conversations and have met a few people at bars, the majority of my interactions on Tinder have been about hooking up/sex. As a girl, it is not at all uncommon to get messages asking for a quick hook up or pick-up lines involving crude and vulgar language. I think these types of experience are a shame for the app because it is a valuable way to meet people, but many users (especially women) become turned off by experiences much like my own. The app also favors appearance over personality because users immediately swipe left or right based on a person’s photo. All in all, Tinder only furthers the hook-up/one night stand culture that has become so prevalent in today’s dating world.